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  1. That fan was me☺️ Looking back on it, I am not surprised that PH was not successful and I really hope a new voice can make a big difference with this team, because from a talent/draft position perspective, they should be in okay shape!
  2. Wonder if Nelson will say he didn’t see the hit again since he did essentially the same lame hug he did after Jack got dropped.
  3. You cannot only include negatives in this analysis. Yes, he got owned thus far in the ROR trade, but he also owned Carolina in the Skinner trade.
  4. Unfortunately we cannot issue a verdict on JBotts for several more years. Given his philosophy is draft and develop, he buys himself a few more years,
  5. Looks like we need two tonight just to keep pace. Pitt already up 3-0 on TB not even 1/2 thru 1st.
  6. great play by middle muff. missed his first pass. picked off puck and layed a perfect saucer to EROD who for once finishes it!
  7. https://apnews.com/3fee1aa982554ed3a3fc48209e9a2df2 “He’s not unhappy with Buffalo, he’s just looking for more of an opportunity to play,” -Baloo's agent Seems pretty reasonable to me. They should play baloo more and sit Scandella. Also chances are someone gets hurt soon anyway.
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