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  1. I have a lot of practice with family dysfunction! As I said, this group would be the envy of most families. I think that lack of birth order slotting and never-resolved childhood conflicts is a distinct advantage for Sabre Spacers.
  2. Thanks, Tondas! You said in about seven sentences as much or more than I did in the lengthy post above. I guess that'd be #5 in my reasons: I tend to be too wordy!
  3. As a longtime follower (wouldn't say lurker) and only very occasional poster, I will present my personal perspective. This board is one of the first sites I go to every day, not only for Sabres news (of which there has been so little lately), but also for urbane and erudite threads, responded to in a civil and respectful manner by a broad representation of genuinely nice folks. While I certainly do not agree with every opinion, I respect the ability of the regular posters on this board to carry on (mostly) civil debates on a wide variety of subjects. Even more importantly, there is an obvious and pervasive mutual affection shown toward each other, which would be the envy of most families! I would love to someday be able to meet up for one of the SabreSpace events at a game, but with a paucity of posts I do not have the sense of familiarity with most of you that seems requisite for participating. Early on in my SS experience, I did meet Shrader for a Bruins game in Boston, but our main connection in that brief time was to have each others backs if trouble arose (which fortunately it didn't). I do not post regularly for a few reasons. 1. I am an old guy and not facile on the keyboard, so it takes me a lot longer than most to type my responses. Definitely a drawback on Game Day threads. 2. Until the current stay-at-home situation, I did not have much time to spend on the computer. It was much easier to read what had been posted than to actually respond. 3. I have played hockey since childhood, and continue to do so twice a week. However, I do not understand analytics, and my appreciation for the game is based on experience and eyeballs. Not as easy with these tools to lay out a cogent explanation as it is using Corsi numbers, etc. 4. I am considered by most as a man of few words. I strongly adhere to the axiom, "Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk." I would say that some of the wisdom I have acquired has come from regular visits to this board. Thank you all, and I hope to continue to follow (and occasionally post) for many years to come.
  4. Tage needs to hit the weight room hard, find some good supplements and develop some nasty 👹
  5. Watching the NHL Network tribute to Ted Lindsay. Boy, we could use a player like him!
  6. Still liking Montour so far. Typical Sabres wussiness that there was no response to the bad open ice hit on him.
  7. And in other news, Tyler Ennis with 2 goals for the Leafs in the first period... 😤
  8. Why should anyone be surprised? Housley was an offensive dynamo as a player, but a HUGE liability in his own end. He was never tough to play against, so why would a team coached by him be? Any more room in the bunker?
  9. Definitely agree about Peet's. It's the only one I can make in the Keurig at work that everyone comments, "That smells amazing". Also one of the very few I enjoy as a K cup.
  10. I think the old Bawston Gahhhden had the best upper level. It felt like you were looking directly down at the ice (or court). And the acoustics were such that leather-lunged patrons in the upper deck could be heard everywhere, even on the ice. Funny memory was being at a Celtics game in the late '80s and Jimmy Rogers was their coach. Boring game (I know, redundant when referring to the NBA) and some guy in the nosebleeds yells something derogatory about Rogers, calling him, "Hey, Poodlehead...", referring to his ridiculous looking perm. Well, the whole arena starts laughing! I still chuckle at the memory.
  11. On vacation, I like my coffee with a shot or two of Jameson's or Black Bush, any time of day!
  12. K Cups because I'm lazy, and wife only drinks decaf. Black and hot. Peet's brand are the best in the Keurig. Aside: cannot stand Dunkin's coffee, and unfortunately they rule New England
  13. Thanks for all the wonderful vignettes - what a great Thanksgiving thread! I also have many memories from the old Aud, from taking the #13 bus at age 10 with my 12 year old brother at night to see the Bisons (definitely a different time then) right up through seeing the Dead in concert shortly before I moved away from Buffalo in 1978. Neo is spot on - it was certainly more than just a building. The smoke used to be so thick that the upper level was shrouded in a haze before they changed the rule to allow smoking only in the concourses. I remember my dad, may he Rest In Peace, would smoke his cigar between periods and leave it on top of the fire alarm so that he could go out and finish it at the second intermission! Favorite games? Two come to mind right away. First was the Bruins game in Schoenfeld's rookie year when he had THREE fights, taking on Bobby Orr, Cashman (they broke open the zamboni door and continued whaling away off the ice), and finally Carol Vadnais. And we won the game to boot. Second was the last game of the Sabres second or third season when Gerry Meehan scored late to beat the Flyers and knock them out of a playoff spot. The place went nuts, and it was foreshadowing of a couple of great seasons to follow. I have only been back to a couple of games in the replacement building, and while it seems nice and fairly modern, it does not have the character or personality of the Aud, which can never be replicated.
  14. Like picking nits much? If the Rangers were high on Duclair, he'd likely have been "untouchable", and therefore not included in the Yandle deal, wouldn't you think? Point stands that he's only 22 and three different teams have traded, or in the case of the Hawks, dumped him. Make of it what you will.
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