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  1. Skibum

    If fans could fire an owner, would you fire Terry?

    Everything looks like it's moving in the right direction, until they actually play the games. The Pegulas seem to be doing a great job with the Bills, so I believe they can do it. I don't really think the Sabres woes are are their fault. Anyway, what other choice do we have? Trump?
  2. Skibum

    NEXT COACH should be? mega thread ...

    I don't have a candidate in mind, but I would prefer a young up-and-comer to an old re-tread.
  3. Skibum

    How Long Will RJ Keep Going?

    One has to wonder how much of his twilight years he will devote to a team that can't even get a whiff of the playoffs.
  4. Skibum

    3 shut outs in a row? That's a trend!

    TBN says 3 shutouts in a row is "The definition of inconsistent". I disagree - I think it's the exact opposite. They consistently stink.
  5. Skibum

    Should we root for the Sabres to lose out?

    After three shutouts in a row, there is nothing left to do but tank the rest of the season. All confidence is gone at this point - I don't think going on a late season win streak would make any difference in team morale. I also don't think it's possible for this group to pull it off. A better draft pick would certainly be nice, but there is also the issue with the head coach. It has come to pass that Phil Housley doesn't have the answers, and it would be great if they could just move on from him with no ambiguity.
  6. Depth helps, too. If bringing in one or two guys with legitimate NHL experience means one or two fewer AHL call-ups in critical playoff games, it's probably worth it.
  7. Skibum

    Trade: Beaulieu to Winnipeg for 6th rounder

    Nice kneauwing yieu.
  8. Skibum

    Sabres Trade Deadline Predictions

    This season is a lost cause, but the FO seems to think things are on the right track for the future. If anything, I would see the Sabres as buyers rather than sellers, but I doubt they land anyone good. They certainly should not be trading assets for rentals at this point. Contenders would be interested in Pominville and some might try to make a move on Skinner, but I hope the FO doesn't do that. I could also see interest in Bogosian and maybe Sheary, since he's got a lot of deep playoff experience for a young guy. Otherwise, there's not much to see here.
  9. Skibum

    How much better would we be with ROR and Kane?

    Look at last year's record and that should tell you what you want to know.
  10. Skibum

    Who is the next Sabre voted off the Island?

    The reality is that none of the underperforming players are going anywhere until the season's over. Teams that are buying at the deadline aren't shopping for dead weight, they want impact players. Now, if the Sabres somehow find themselves in a position to buy, they will probably ship out packages of solid prospects and younger Sabres who show flashes but aren't putting up big numbers yet - like Thompson, Rodrigues, Mittlestadt, Pilut, and McCabe - guys that give losing teams' GMs hope for the future in exchange for their stars of today. We all want to believe those guys will blossom into the Sabres core of the future, but today they are merely the most realistic bargaining chips. Aside from them, there are guys who are either too important to the franchise, or have no market value. There are not a lot of players in between. And if the Sabres are out of contention at the deadline, it's likely that nothing happens at all. It's not like they are going to dive back into rebuild mode.
  11. Skibum

    All Hail Erod

    I think he's earned a shot at playing on Eichel's line. They were linemates in college, so why not try it out for a game and see what happens? Things need shaking up, and this could free up Reinhart or Skinner to help beef up line #2.
  12. Skibum

    Post job interview etiquette

    Sorry it didn't work out. It's possible that you were in the lead, then some rock star candidate came in late and really blew their hair back. It happens.
  13. Can someone with NHL contract knowledge explain how the Sabres were able to simply void Berglund's contract, and why they were not able to do the same with Moulson, Leino, or any of the other overpaid players they have been saddled with recently?
  14. Don't know what happened here, don't really care. It's a big win for the front office, a roster spot for some hungry young guy, and now there's no excuse not to make every effort to extend Skinner.