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  1. I don't know that much about him as a player, but for me, there is a stink on those pre-McDavid #1 Oiler picks that will never wash off.
  2. If history is any guide, we should all be stocking up the liquor cabinet about now.
  3. Maybe I'm nuts, but I didn't think it was as bad as the score indicated. The Sabres had a ton of chances in the 1st, and 30 shots on the game, but they just couldn't put any of them home. It didn't seem like they were "on their heels" at any point. They just played atrocious defense for a grand total of about 40 seconds, and the Caps took full advantage of every little lapse.
  4. It's hard to say we're loaded on defense watching tonight's game...
  5. This doesn't look like a beat-down; the Sabres' forwards have been playing a good game and creating chances the whole period. Hard to believe it's 4-0, but all it takes is a few quick lapses on defense.
  6. It’s probably a moot point because someone else is going to get hurt, in all likelihood.
  7. Jeez, they win in a shutout with an extra insurance goal, second game of a back to back on the west coast, after losing the first game by 3, to take first place in the Eastern Conference, and we’re talking about how they can’t protect a 2-goal lead. A little perspective maybe???
  8. I think the raw material for success is there, and you will see this line gel and start producing in a month or so, maybe sooner with Sheary back in the mix.
  9. Ha, I just dropped in to post the same thing, and was wondering if someone would beat me to it!
  10. It's three cagey veterans who know their roles extremely well, have played together a while, and are pretty good athletes, too. It's no surprise they are doing so well.
  11. I would consider them the 4th line at this point.
  12. The Sabres genuinely look like a good team from top to bottom. It's nice to see!
  13. Oh whatever. The guy stood on his head for 8 seasons, often knowing that his team was never going to score.
  14. It's a long season, and if you can still get a point on a night where you're not playing your best, you're doing OK.
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