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  1. Depending on how they calculate income, I may or may not get it. But either way, I work in agriculture and business in booming. My job is safe and I feel extremely fortunate. I don't need the money and I can't believe our stupid government thinks this is a good use of $2 trillion, when we are already over $10 trillion in the hole. For that kind of money, they could provide health care for millions of Americans. Or maybe just get us some friggin' masks and COVID tests, already. If I do get the money, I will likely be donating my cut to some key political campaigns this fall.
  2. The Sabres were great that year, but I don't think there was any denying the Rangers their cup in '94.
  3. That's really cool. It's amazing what a crisis can do for the public good. I remember life during the Ice Storm of '91 in Rochester - Everything goes back to basics, neighbors help each other out, and it's the best time in a lot of ways. It ended up being one of the fondest memories of my youth!
  4. Kinda hard not to be better than last year.
  5. Nothing like a good schadenfreude thread to help ease the sting of another bum season.
  6. He looked slow last night, but I would take Wayne Simmonds in his 50's over Evan Rodrigues in his prime, any day of the week.
  7. I didn't have cable TV when I was growing up in WNY in the 80's and early 90's, then I moved out west for a while. So I didn't see many RJ games prior to the mid 2000's. My favorite calls since then are Scary Good, Who Else?, and the Ottawa brawl. There hasn't been much to get excited about since those days!
  8. Oh my God, I just thought about what it would be like to make $857K per year for the next 8 years, and not even have to go to work.
  9. I always liked TV a lot as a player here. He scored some beautiful goals and generally made the team fun to watch. I just thought it was a huge mistake to build the team around him when Drury and Briere left. He was never going to be that kind of guy (and didn't have to be). I didn't want to see Vanek go, but at that point they had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to just blow it up and start fresh with four freaking first round picks. Eight first rounders if you count their own! Then Darcy's pride got the best of him. And now, here we are.
  10. Is it me, or is this an especially active deadline day for the NHL? I checked in on the Trade Tracker, and was surprised at how much action went down today. Usually it's a big disappointment.
  11. Win-win. Sabres get a much more promising player than the ones they traded away, and Pittsurgh gets Sheary, who played better when he was there. Not sure what Evan Rodrigues gets out of this, though!
  12. At half his salary, I guess it couldn't hurt. I'm guessing at the very least he'll be a good vet to have in the locker room. I love Wayne Simmonds' game in his prime, but I think he may be past it.
  13. This topic is already being discussed in the "Top 10 Hated Sabres" thread. Someone call a Mod.
  14. The last 5-7 years have actually been far better than the 15 prior. Remember such luminaries as Jiri Novotny, Mika Noronen, Marek Zagrapan, Dennis Persson, Artem Kryukov, and Erik Rasmussen?
  15. Wow, give MTL credit. They slapped a fresh coat of paint on Scandella and flipped him like a raised ranch with mildew damage.
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