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  1. Risto's comments translated from Finnish, the most obscure and least understood language in the western world. Nothing to see here.
  2. I would put Sampras ahead of Nadal, but it’s close.
  3. Ski racing: Ingemar Stenmark/Lindsay Vonn Free Skiing: Shane McConkey Ski Mountaineering: Doug Coombs Nordic Skiing: Who cares Pre-modern era skiing (leather boots): Dick Durrance Mountain biking: Ned "The Lung" Overend Skateboarding: Tony Hawk Cycling (pre-dope😞 Eddie Mercx Competitive surfing: Kelly Slater Actual Surfing: Laird Hamilton Couch Surfing: my buddy Stu Competitive Snowboarding: Shaun White Actual Snowboarding: Terje Haakonsen
  4. He does a lot of things very, very well. Some games he is a man among boys out there. I don't understand all the hate for this guy; he's been holding his own on a garbage team for a long time. Of course his +/- stinks; his forwards can't score. Who knows how good he could be if he was playing on a better team. Trading him away would be a big mistake if they don't get a really good player in return.
  5. Way to shoot for the moon, Jake. I can't see him getting more than 2.75, and even that seems high.
  6. If it's Hasek, the coach won't let him shoot anyway.
  7. I would love to see that one.
  8. Teemu Selanne on Martin Brodeur. Epic showdown, I win. I could also go with Teppo Numminen, or Hakan Loob, my favorite hockey name ever.
  9. Not a fan. The O'Reilly trade was a disaster. He hired Housley. He has since brought in a bunch of middling players and mediocre prospects, the kind we have to really reach to feel optimistic about. I can't figure out what his strategy is for developing prospects, as there isn't much rhyme or reason to the call-ups we see. Drafting Dahlin - a chimp could have made that call. Now, nobody good wants to play in Buffalo. I don't see this team improving much this year, either, when I take an honest look at the roster. Jimmy Vesey, Colin Miller, Marcus Johnasson - None of these guys are difference makers, and outside of Dahlin there is no young talent that really makes you excited to see how they pan out. I can see Eichel getting traded to kick off another re-build before I see this team turning it around. Harrupmph.
  10. Hasek, Mogilny, Spacek for some reason, I loved that guy, he was my fave from the most recent good years. Wendell Clark, Theo Fleury, Jagr Chris Neil, Alexander Semin, Patrick Roy you aren't even the second best goalie ever so everybody shut up.
  11. Two very promising young players/high draft picks who haven't yet lived up to expectations, nobody's sure if they will. One has maybe shown more than the other so far, but one may have a higher ceiling. Lots of people think one side or the other got fleeced, but only time will tell. I always find these trades really interesting, because there is so much risk in trading young talent that could blossom big-time. And like with Kassian for Hodgson, both teams involved will be comparing their careers for a long time. Unless they don't have long careers.
  12. This trade reminds me of Zack Kassian for Cody Hodgson.
  13. If only Reinhart was as good at Center as he is at Wing, this would all be so much simpler.
  14. He's paid his dues and it's not breaking the bank. He's competent in just about any situation; obviously the scoring isn't what we all hoped it would be, but Zemgus has earned a spot on the team and a healthy veteran paycheck.
  15. Columbus got boned today, big time.
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