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  1. ct fab

    2019 NHL Draft

    we'll get a good one nonetheless. Important thing is to get a good player at 30/31 to ease the O'Reilly trade
  2. ct fab

    2019 NHL Draft

    So if Dal beats STL, we're guaranteed at least pick #19 with our 2nd first round pick. Could be better if COL or LV come out of the other west bracket and/or Columbus/Carolina get to the east finals. If STL beats DAL, we get pick #28 at best. Pretty big difference.
  3. Terry is in love with All former Sabres - see Perreault. The Housley hiring has his hands all it. I loved what Ray said about Housley about 15 years ago
  4. Not sure how the 2nd goal by the blues counted. Sure looked to me that the left post was way off before the Puck crossed the line.
  5. Rumor from another board has Jbotts sitting next to Lindy Ruff on a plane from Ft. Lauderdale today. Take it for what it's worth - Lindy may be on the Canadian staff for the worlds??
  6. ct fab

    2019 NHL Draft

    So if STL loses, Columbus wins the next round, as does Dallas and Colorado and Vegas meet next round we get pick #17. Wishful thinking......
  7. ct fab

    2019 NHL Draft

    So if Columbus wins the next round and STL loses before the conference finals the STL pick moves up to at least 19, we reclaim it and ANA gets the SJ pick. The pick could go higher if other teams ahead of STL (like LV) get to the conference finals
  8. Yeah EDM winning twice and devils twice shows it's not fixed. NHL would want the rags to win certainly not the devils
  9. I predict he doesn't get another NHL head coaching job. Why would he?
  10. Nashville won, pushing STL tona wilcard. What implications does that have on our second 1st Rd pick and what do we want to happen in the wpg and SJ games?
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