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  1. The compliance buyout possibility would really create some big time intrigue for the Sabres. I completely agree with GASabres with the #2 center comment: And given the strong chance that there will be this compliance buyout for every team, I can see a few options developing where the Sabres can get a vet #2 center for a couple of years (Kyle Turris type) to help Skinner and the other forwards and allow more time for Cozens and even Mittlestadt to develop. Interesting that Vancouver gave up a LOT for Toffoli and they only might have 2 weeks of games to show for it. Wonder if this will motivate Vancouver in doing whatever it takes to retain him.
  2. So if the Sabres lose this game, I expect a new thread 'Why is John Mucker Coach AND GM?' thread started by lunch tomorrow.
  3. Just at the car dealership purchasing my sleek new Ford Escort and Ill be working tonight: Would anyone be nice enough to page me updates of the score? Hoping my beeper blows up with lots of updates!
  4. I forgot that LaFontaine was out almost that entire year, what could have been
  5. I see zero chance of the season being played. In fact i am not even sure about October. Also the economic pain will be felt so severe and so vast, can these teams even survive when they return? I can see the salary cap being chopped again, everything rolled back. It will be about survival. Can businesses really afford to buy suites, and expensive tickets considering what is about to happen? I don't see it. Sports as we all know it is about to change in a very profound way, among everything else.
  6. Without a doubt I actually predict that is the case. No NHL, NBA or NCAA Champion this year
  7. Would be absolutely shocked if this or any NHL games go on tonight. While some can argue we may look back as an overreaction (let's hope that is the case), I do think the season should stop now for a bit, its the right call. The NHL cannot afford the massive PR hit that would come from the biased media, and must follow what the NBA did and put the season on hold until further notice.
  8. Linus can be a solid #1 goalie in the NHL for years to come, not elite like say a Tukka Rask, but can develop to an above average goalie, coupled with a good offense, can be very successful and win a lot of games
  9. Agree and would love if the Sabres can get him they may have to get in the Top 3, also I would say Stutzle is the most 'NHL Ready' propsect in the 2020 Draft (Lafrienere aside), given that Tim has played with older players.
  10. Nice win, seeing Ullmark in net just has me wondering what could have been if he didn't get injured. Even if this team was able to muster 4-6 points more over his absence we would be right in the playoff chase. Having said that, I do think Kruger deserves credit for the efforts in Philly and last night, this team hasn't mailed it in and hopefully they build off of this in the effort to change the culture of this franchise going forward. Kahun is looking like a nice find so far...good job JBot
  11. Good pst and good questions indeed. If the Sabres were lucky enough to win #1 overall, it would take an act of the Hockey Gods for me to move off that pick: Lafrenière is THAT good. If the Sabres won #2 or #3 that is where the debate is: Perhaps a move down to stay in Top 12 AND get a#2 Center would IMHO be a move worth considering.
  12. I agree on all counts. can see Rossi going as high as 4 depending on team and fit and need
  13. Nobody.....and I mean NOBODY circles the tanks like the Buffalo Sabres!
  14. And should be a signal to whomever is the new Sabres GM (hopefully someone other then JBot) that getting a goaltender is abig off season priority. But with Braden Holtby as the 'best' possible UFA, the trade route may be the only viable short term option until UPL is ready. And this UPL regression is why I don't think the Sabres should shy away from Askarov in the 20 Draft if they pick say 10th and he is available.
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