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  1. But.....but....O'Reilly won the Conn Smythe....and....and Jerry Sullivan told me I MUST weep about that deal and be angry....and tweets were sent from other Buffalo sports media 'darlings' like Mike Harrington to get me mad about O'Reilly. How dare you bring facts and try to kill their joy 😃
  2. Kase is a player who is prime for a breakout, if he can stay healthy this is a great deal for the Ruins
  3. Fantasy Island has been rebuilt and reopened complements of PSE: The address? 1 Seymour H Knox III Plaza where there is an ongoing fantasy world where you think you can win NHL games with below average goaltending and no C depth.
  4. There is no way to slice it. Skinner was a horrendous signing. Yeah yeah he needs a #2 center but that contract was a massive overpay and looking back JBot would have been better served flipping him at the deadline last year. Skinner can be redeemed and be a 25-30 goal guy, but at that cap hit? 9m dollar a year players shouldn't be so dependent on having others around them to produce.
  5. As for me I am completely done with Jason Botterill: Gave us an albatross of a contract with Jeff Skinner to be saddled with for the next 7 seasons after this one. Has litterly messed up Casey Mittlestadt's development. Refuses to add true toughness and grit to a roster screaming for it. Yes, we are waiting for UPL to arrive, but the second they signed Carter Hutton I said 'bad move' and that was proven, one year wonder in St Louis. When will this franchise realize that goaltending is a massive issue? Can we TRULY trust this guy with the cap space this off-season to truly fix the issues? Based on Sobotka, Tage Thompson, Frolik, Vesey, and other head scratching moves? Oh yes Pierre on NBC said 'it will turn around quick' of course he did, Pierre is a clear Penguins homer and where did JBot come from again? Between Bylsma and now Botterill, can we stop looking to the Pittsburgh Penguins organization for the coach and front office answers? Saynora Jason!
  6. This trade proves that the cap space is becoming as if not more important and valuable then the value of the player itself.
  7. Would not mind the Sabres giving Anaheim a call and ask about Adam Henrique or Rickard Rakell as possible solutions for the #2 center role
  8. One period at a time and one game at a time. Not even worried about the standings at this point. What is important is this franchise putting wins together, improving week to week and watching Ralph Kruger change the culture of this franchise, which I feel confident he can do. Seeing players Dahlin keep improving, watching Eichel continue his Hart worthy campaign, and hopefully Botterill makes the right decisions on how to jettison out of town and work to keep.
  9. Agree. I also think this kicks off the sell, as they can take some salary back if need be too. I look for JBot to make a deal maybe even tomorrow.
  10. Sabres are 4-1 since the Ralph Kruger passion filled message about talking to fans in Buffalo etc after a loss. Wonder if that speech fired up the locker room at all
  11. Just look at what Cale Makar is doing for the Avs. Think about that Maker has Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog and Miko Ratanen floating around on the PP. Now think about the fact that Makar is 21. Now imagine Dahlin getting 2 more years to develop physically and mentally, and if the Sabres add 1 or 2 legit Top 6 forwards to the mix. It's scary how great Dahlin can be. Sit back and enjoy the ride folks. He is just getting started.
  12. Sabres should look for a 2nd center that has the flexibility to move to W when Cozens is ready to take over the #2 role. Can't count on DC or Mitts until they truly show it at the NHL level.
  13. One thing I have often wondered (I am the silent majority politically, the one of many that is fed up with both sides equally) but I wonder if these fact checkers themselves are extreme one way or another. It can be an endless cycle
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