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  1. This is TREMENDOUS thank you for this and the ones upcoming!
  2. THIS is dead on. Also sending mid round picks for gems like Michael Frolik and Wayne Simmonds and having a deficit of those mid round picks have really hurt this a lot more then most realize.
  3. Sabres have............................a lead?!?!?!?
  4. Forget the W/L record for the season. Just hope the Sabres can get a win for the sake of the players. This can't be easy for them.
  5. Good start to the purge. Now we need about 5 more deals like dis.
  6. Happy Birthday Terry! Here is a Bills and Sabres cake to show how deeply you care about both franchises:
  7. Who in the world is in goal tonight and which goalie will face over 40 shots again?
  8. This is something that I have said here a few years ago: Botterill and Tim Murray were hired in the wrong sequence. Botterill would have been good when Eichel was first drafted to keep building the pipeline and the young talent. Once that talent started to flourish, Murray would have been a good GM to come in and be aggressive with trades to take the Sabres to the next level.
  9. Im on your side there, I have said a few times this year 'I miss Darcy Regier' LOL
  10. About the coaching: I would love a players perspective on this but its pretty clear the Granato is going to be an interim HC and the locker room has to know this so considering the long losing streak, missing some key players, and most of the players knowing A. A good amount of this team will be jettisoned out of Buffalo and B. Why give it all for a coach that may not be here long anyway? I think its hard to TRULY judge what the coaching change means at this point in time, until a true replacement is here that the Sabres intend on keeping around for a few years at least.
  11. Thats true and its really hard to say what could have been, but I do remember the groans of the Sabre fan base back then about the Sabres 'just missing the playoffs' and being mediocre under Darcy: I say then when the Sabres lost Briere and Drury on that terrible day, it might of been better to nuke the entire team in a sense and start anew.
  12. I actually think this take is dead on. It is time to press the nuke button on this,provided the Sabres have the right pieces in place in the front office to build this correctly, AKA Terry and Kim staying the hell out of the way and keep taking victory laps on the NFL Network.
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