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  1. Got you and I definitely got your original point. I'm glad to see the game branching out to other ethnics. To me its all about availability, affordability and if the game reaches to others either to play in person or on TV. The diversity aspect of things will naturally take a progression as that happens.
  2. Don't discredit Asians in some areas too. I went to the LA Kings practice facility which is close to LAX Airport twice and there were leagues there for kids and I was floored how many Asian kids are now playing hockey.
  3. The big detail they left out was this: Matt Murray - a Stanley Cup winner -Who will count 6.25M AAV against a hard salary cap, just went for the 52 pick in this draft. Lias Anderson - a more disappointing prospect than Casey selected one pick before him in 2017 - went for the 60th, but costs virtually nothing against the salary cap In this market, a 2nd round pick gets you a goalie, or a tarnished former top10 pick. Bottom Line: the salary cap hit is dictating value almost as much as the actual player these days.
  4. If the Sabres are able to move Ristolainen and Reinhart and get a player back like a Sean Monahan, no offenses to both those players, but I would personally drive them both to the airport to make this deal happen.
  5. Maybe JBot 'slammed another door' in a fit of rage
  6. I think Skinner is happy about this move, it takes a little pressure off of him and perhaps Skinner can get back to 30G 60 point form for the next several years. Granted he will never live up to that 9M a year contract but at least if he produces like that the contract wont viewed as bad of an albatross as it truly is.
  7. I would be very careful what to give Olofsson at this point: 4M for one season where he proved himself? Id slow that roll a bit
  8. Yes but not for 9M 7.5M would be more reasonable IMO
  9. Could you imagine the meltdown here if this contract came through and the Sabres did NOT get Taylor Hall?
  10. Agree I would say at this point most of not all needs will try to be addressed via trade
  11. Here is my take on Cozens. You do have to bring him in slowly. However, when you have a 7th overall pick, you have to surround himself with Top 6 forwards for him to be truly where you want him to be. I say 2nd line at worst for Dylan.
  12. I don’t usually quote myself but I had to!!!!
  13. Might as well welcome in that juicy 2nd round pick in 2022
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