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  1. At times I liked their show but they have to change the name of that show now.
  2. Reading your story made me angry inside, and angry against anyone that would look at you that way and also that your wife had to deal with being called a terrorist sympathizer, and the death threats, just made me so sad and angry towards these monsters that you and your family dealt with that. I pray for you and your family that those issues have subsided. Someone like myself who was born and raised in New Jersey, saw the Towers smoke with my own two eyes, and lost a close friend from our town (he was 31 and in the North Tower, Floor 92) and the pain and devastation that followed for me and to a much greater extent, his family and close friends and our town, at that time and now I could never ever dream is mistreating someone just because they 'look like one of the terrorists'. Never. In fact I in many ways ensured I treated people with more respect and care after 911, because everyone of every gender, race, religion needed that at that time, and still does. 20 years later I live in California, and I went to a 911 memorial on Saturday, and when I saw my friends picture, all those memories rush back, all the sadness, disbelief, some anger, confusion. One never gets over something like that, you just learn how to to deal with it better.
  3. Personally I would absolutely love this to be true
  4. Isn't Brisson's son on Vegas? That's it, Eichel is a Golden Knight 😄
  5. I agree but in some cases now the 'C' is reserved for the most talented or most productive player on the team. The 'C' aspect is what counts in the locker room, in practice, meetings etc. And in some cases that player might not ever wear the C.
  6. Wait, Jack Eichel might be traded? I forgot at this point
  7. Find me any franchise in sports where the most popular name associated with the franchise is probably not a player, but its the play-by-play man. I am glad that Rick decided this on his own and he is having a farewell tour this year. Also, the last home game on April 29th 2022 vs Chicago is probably one that I would like to attend if possible, very likely and hopefully the Sabres will give Jeanneret an amazing send off that night at the arena.
  8. Buffalo will probably take it and pay whatever it takes to keep the Bills in WNY. The part that annoys me the most is how badly Mike Florio loves this and needs this. Screw him.
  9. The key here is too, while I an see some good things coming for the likes of Cozens, Mitts, Tage and others, what will the impact be on losing Sam (forget Jack). Was Sam that integral in the late season flashes we saw for the other players?
  10. I would say this: Not sure if this specifically this will get done, but a 3 way trade for Buffalo IMO seems to be the best course of action to satisfy what KA will want in a return, even if that means giving up a 2nd rounder: Since about only 20% of 2nd round picks play even over 100 career NHL games , I would be willing to do that all day to get what the Sabres want to get.
  11. Robin who? Robin: Good for you that you are overcoming your demons and I wish you the best going forward: You are bringing awareness for mental health and for that we are all better for it. As for trashing your former team years later publically: Bad form. Its weak IMO. He is in the rear view mirror for me as a Sabres fan.
  12. Let Power go to college, it will take years before anyone sees any payoff from that pick (if we ever do TBH) so don't waste the year
  13. Internet posters (mostly from the Northeast meaning Boston NY etc) who's ammo is to talk down a player in hope that their team sharks that player for 30 cents on the dollar, and those internet posters will be the first ones after the deal to pump out their chest and brag how they 'stole' that player.
  14. The ONLY thing that matters now is what is the return for Jack Eichel. If that return is horrendous, then that day is the lowest moment in the history of the franchise. If the Sabres are able to get: 1. Two Top 6 forwards (Ideally a 1C to build on for years) OR 2. A 1C and a top pairing RD defenseman AND 3. Future 1st round pick(s?) in 2022 or 2023 4. Goaltender to pair with UPL Couple this with the development of Cozens and Dahlin taking the next big step under Granato, and yeah we aren't gonna win a lot next year but I can see this team still being an entertaining watch. This is what counts. Losing Ullmark is a blow, but I truly believe they get that goaltender back in a trade somewhere.
  15. Krebs, Tuch, #1 in 2022 and #1 in 2023 even if Sabres need to send back a 3rd ship this deal and lets move forward.
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