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  1. 19 minutes ago, Doohickie said:

    I've been dealing with a mild upper resp for about a week now.  If it's Covid, it's very, very mild; I haven't tested.  BUT it came with a dandy of a cold sore.  I probably get one every couple years or so.  I hate those summabitches.

    Lysine (the amino acid) does wonders for cold sores in my experience.

  2. 8 hours ago, ubkev said:

    You couldn't have that in Church of England. "Vicar, I have done many bad things!

    Well, so have I....drink 5 Bloody Mary's and you won't remember."

    -Eddie Izzard

    Wherever there are four Anglicans/Episcopals, there's a fifth.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Sabres Super Fan said:

    Can we blame him the Buffalo Sabres are a messed up organization that is looking at 13 years and counting with no playoffs. That doesn’t say sign with the Buffalo Sabres. Sell the Buffalo Sabres Terry Pegula in my opinion. Go Sabres! Let’s Go Buffalo 

    I wonder if Kane took a look at Rochester's facilities, knowing that a two-week conditioning assignment was in his future and said "no way, that's from the 1970s".


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  4. 59 minutes ago, Sabres Super Fan said:

    I thought it was Devon Levi Buffalo Sabres roster spot holding these Rochester Americans players back? Face it Jiri Kulich isn’t good enough and isn’t saving the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres are toast for the playoffs this season and in the future as long as Terry Pegula refuses to invest in facilities for proper development that isn’t the set up at the 1950’s Blue Cross Arena in Rochester. Terry Pegula sell the Sabres or invest in modern training facilities for your Sabres prospects. My goodness the UB Bulls football team has newer better training facilities than the Rochester Americans and we wonder why haven’t the Sabres made the playoffs in 12 years? Ask yourself Sabres fans how come Terry Pegula builds Penn State hockey a new hockey arena better than the Blue Cross Arena? Exactly the Sabres aren’t serious they exist in NHL today nothing more than that unfortunately just telling it like it is. When the Sabres have to talk and answer questions from Devon Levi to agree to go down to the Rochester Americans it tells you that Rochester Blue Cross Arena is a dump. I predict right now Devon Levi leaves the Sabres after his entry level contract is up if he is a star goalie he isn’t staying he will remember everything stupid that the Sabres organization does. Both Don Granato and Kevyn Adams should be fired. Remember where you heard it. Rochester Blue Cross Arena was a dump in the 1990’s yet here we are. Patrick Kane wanted no part of the Sabres organization that is very telling what a messed up organization the Buffalo Sabres are right now sell the Sabres Terry Pegula in my opinion. Go Sabres! Let’s Go Buffalo 

    I feel like I've seen this before.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, PromoTheRobot said:

    Anyone else here play?

    Not since High School. 🙂 (not kidding, in the early 90s I remember doing it as a several-week module during the winter)

    MsPie's father is pretty into it; several times a week, has portable net and lines in the driveway, etc. He qualified for the NYS Senior Mens Championship or something last year, but got sick and couldn't play.

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  6. On 11/28/2023 at 2:16 PM, Doohickie said:

    But that's the thing:  goalies can be very mercurial.  You pick up a "competent veteran backup" who's been good the last several years, and he could drop off.  Or you take a guy you think might be peaking and he doesn't quite get there.  Or you bring a guy in who's been a stud and suddenly he doesn't have it anymore.  You have to build the rest of the team to be the best they can be and hope that either one of the goalies in your system emerges or you can bring in outside help when you need it.  Or in some cases, both.

    I keep coming back to the best analysis I remember seeing anywhere posted here back when Ryan Miller flamed out after the trade to St Louis. We tend to think of goalies as "the same" other than skill, but they have their own styles that mesh better with some styles of D. I think back then, the idea was Miller liked to play towards the top of the crease. The Sabres worked with that by having the D low to make sure forwards down by the goal line were tied up, since Miller would be leaving angle shots kinda open. The Blues played with the D further up, so Miller kept getting burned by passes to those low forwards. (I may have completely botched that)

    Anyway, if some decent guy comes in but his style doesn't mesh with the way the Sabres play D, it'll get ugly even if the Sabres aren't objectively bad. I'd say for UPL not being the quickest to get across and set, the Sabres need to focus on typing up low forwards and slowing down the cross-ice pass. UPL seems OK (lately) at stopping shots as long as he doesn't hunch down, and he's big.

    Interestingly, Levi might be the opposite since he's a smaller, quick goalie. The Sabres may need to do more to pressure the initial shooter and allow Levi's athleticism cover cross-ice passes by moving quickly to follow the play.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, mjd1001 said:

    Maybe St. Catharines? Although you don't want to have to potential deal with a border crossing.

    Are AHL facilities really that good across the league? I ask because I really don't know. I was at an Amerks game, and I didn't think it was all that bad, certainly not a dump. Maybe things have changed across the NHL?

    If you are not going to keep them in Rochester and you did build a new facility, how about Niagara Falls?  Right across the border, a 20-30 minute drive from downtown but enough of a separation to give it a different 'feel'.  And it doesn't have to be in run-down-main st niagara falls, you  could do something off the highway, maybe lewiston.

    Honestly, having the AHL team 90 minutes down the road is a luxury already. I don't think it needs to be closer in a smaller town like Buffalo. LV is probably a unicorn here, since they have a new franchise and success, but I'd be surprised if the AHL stays there longer term when the newness wears off. I could be wrong.

    I looked at a couple teams to see arena ages:

    Hershey Bears: 2002

    Syracuse Crunch: 1951

    Laval Rocket: 2017

    Milwaukee Admirals: 1950

    Providence Bruins: 1972

    Amerks: 1955

    So it's a mixed bag.

  8. 9 hours ago, Sabres Super Fan said:

    Eric Comrie isn’t a solid backup and beyond this season is of no use for the Buffalo Sabres organization. I can’t wait until Buffalo Bandits season because the Buffalo Sabres relying on UPL and Eric Comrie the season over for playoffs this season unfortunately again a panic move by Don Granato. When you start listening to the fans your sitting next to them. UPL has shown no ability that he can carry a number one goalie load after three seasons. Nothing has changed with UPL but the year. A few good Buffalo Sabres games doesn’t make him capable. I believe UPL will fold under the added pressure like he always does. As for Eric Comrie he has no future and can’t seem to stay healthy. As for Devon Levi I think the last place I would send a goalie is the AHL Rochester Americans if anything Devon Levi should have stayed in college at Northeastern Huskies.

    UPL is like 24 years old. Could he fold? Yes. Could he be coming into his prime (like most goaltenders at that age)? Also yes.

    1 hour ago, K-9 said:

    You’re right. I did not choose the split time option. Instead, I selected the “Vezina winning, ROY” choice, such was my unbridled optimism at the time. And I make no apology for it. 

    Why you and other curmudgeon sticks in the mud feel the need to call out those that don’t share your pessimism is beyond me. 

    The greatest high is being able to smugly say "I told you so".

  9. 1 hour ago, Doohickie said:

    Actually it's the family of the founder of Little Caesar's.  Mike Ilitch himself passed away in 2017.  Little Caesar's is a national-ish chain (not as big as Dominoes which is based in SE MI as well), but I would say their pizza is a higher quality in the Detroit area than it is in, say, Texas where I live now.  Their standard pizza is the generic round but they also sell Detroit square pizza which is kind of deep dishy and has toppings all the way out to edge (no crust). 

    Ilitch occupied much the same position in Detroit as Pegula does in Buffalo.  The Ilitch family owns both the Wings and Tigers and have been a factor in revitalizing downtown Detroit (new arena and stadium).  He also had a few other philanthropic pursuits that he didn't talk much about; when he died it came out that when Rosa Parks (civil rights pioneer) fell on hard times, he paid for her apartment until she passed.

    Pizza: that's good, because the pizza I've had from LC is straight up bad.

    Parks: that's amazing.

  10. 11 minutes ago, Sidc3000 said:

    That made me laugh. He would absolutely crack the top 6 if he comes anywhere close to what he use to play like. The Ref Wings are 10th in the league so it could be that they are better than the Sabres. 

    Probably, although on the Sabres does he push down Tuch or JJP (or Quinn when he's back)? I don't know at his current age that's a slam dunk to replace any of them. Especially with the Buffalo "play the kids" Sabres.

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  11. There are a lot of scenarios here

    • Didn't want to go to Buffalo since they're struggling
    • Knows this might be his last hockey contract so took the most money
    • Buffalo wasn't interested enough or didn't offer much
    • Didn't think he'd crack the top-6 in Buffalo, unlike Detroit (? I have no idea what Detroit looks like this year)
    • Just doesn't like Buffalo pizza after eating deep dish (he is hitting all the "pizza" towns though, Chicago, NYC, and now Detroit)
  12. 2 hours ago, GASabresIUFAN said:

    Reid had similar issues McD is having when with the Eagles.  https://www.profootballnetwork.com/why-did-the-philadelphia-eagles-fire-andy-reid/

    Yep, I was nominally an Eagles fan during the Reid years (2nd team, of course). People would *rage* about Andy Reid at the end of games. McD is in the same league in that area, and that's not a good thing. Even before this, I was thinking McD's handling of the end of games was similarly questionable.

  13. 19 minutes ago, Indabuff said:

    Goddam snow.  I'm not ready for this ***** yet. 

    Yeah, someone at work asked it I was going to get hit since they heard about it (in Texas). Finger Lakes are in the shadow of the strip of land between Lakes Erie and Ontario so we're forecasted for nothing. But it looks like the Southtowns are going to get it.

  14. 6 minutes ago, That Aud Smell said:

    The inverse (converse? (obverse??)) is also true: His record speaks for itself. He's won a lot of games. He's made the playoffs several times. He's won the division twice (three times?). He's won playoff games. He is a good NFL head coach. There's no disputing that. Not reasonably anyway.


    This goes to a larger point about his limitations: He seems to lack good feel for what's right in the moment. He's aces at preparing his players during the week. But in crunch time, he seems to lose the thread.

    I think this is the crux. He's good at making the team play well, but does not seem effective in the highest of pressure situations. He wins games because the team plays well enough to get ahead. Even behind earlier in the game, he's OK because it's not 100% make or break yet. But get to the end of a close game and he just can't manage things. Fine for a regular season coach, but you're always going to be disappointed in the playoffs.

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