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  1. Or maybe they're saying 8 weeks because they don't want to create panics by saying 6-9 months
  2. In baseball, the different between being a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter is just 1 hit per week. It just seems very little to ask of our .250 hitters to hit .300 each and become a better team.
  3. Eichel's not on the ice for the PP...
  4. TSN shows him signed by the Leafs on July 1st
  5. It's a mild shock that this isn't completely awful.
  6. Old guy. Canadian. Used to play hockey. Wore #99.
  7. The @MapleLeafs have acquired defenceman Tyson Barrie, forward Alex Kerfoot and a 2020 sixth-round pick (COL) in exchange for Nazem Kadri, Calle Rosen and a 2020 third-round pick (TOR).
  8. I remember the Red Wings trading for a 37 year old goalie who was making $8M, about 20 years ago... with inflation that would be around 11.5M now. If Bob stays healthy, who knows?
  9. Take a bow, all you Sunday the 7th voters.
  10. So, are we pretending Okposo doesn't exist, or pretending that $6 million will sit in the press box?
  11. There isn't even a Svoboda in the league anymore, Rick.
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