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  1. Dahlin is tied for 18th in the entire league in scoring. Not defensemen, everyone.
  2. I have seen Dahlin struggle a few times of course, and not have a very good game in last two, but I think he has only been on the ice for two or maybe three goals in five games. I think it was zero in first three, two in fourth, and none tonight. And has seven points. I understand he’s messed up a bunch of times but if that is messing up, we dominate.
  3. I know Olofsson was really small in his draft year but how does he last until round seven? He’s a sneaky good passer like Reinhart, he wins battles, he kills penalties, his shot is not only quick and hard but very accurate. He’s coachable. What was not to like? Methinks fans will jump on the bandwagon because he’s going to score goals with Jack and on that PP, but he’s an all around player.
  4. That's because you are now living in 2006, some kind of hot tub time machine thing.
  5. Mojo is good at the hockey. I thought maybe Skinner wouldn't get his chances not playing with Jack but with that PP and playing with Johanson he seems like he will be fine. And then there is Jack-Reinhart and Victor. Sheesh.
  6. IIRC Skinner was not on the first PP line last year early in the year. If he is there, he will get his Jack time and opportunities to score. I thought he had a couple chances but not nearly as many as he normally does. But we had two PP? Maybe three? Plus a lot of PK that screws up the ice time.
  7. Johanson looked really good. Joker had numerous transition passes. Olofsson has an all around game, he can really pass. The depth on D stood out. Mitts/Sheary/Vesey can be exciting. Dahlin is sick. And the fourth line all played well, and well together. Really different look. A lot more confidence. Hutton held it together.
  8. I kinda like Thompson with Larsson and Z. He's fitting in, and will probably make him a better player over time. Later he will have to play with playmakers but I like this for now.
  9. Pilut has to stay up. That dude has got it. He may not, of course, but he should. He's a ridiculous passer and doesn't look as lost on D or in his own end as I expected early. Love his style and play.
  10. Yep. Really fun hockey to watch. We went toe to toe with them. 14-7 shots but I was always worried the Leafs would get a quick odd man rush. We have to score. The Rasmii look great, which is nice to see in this obviously huge game, on national TV, after a couple disappointing one goal losses. If anything, that period made me feel we are a legit team.
  11. I said it was a great goal. I was thrilled with it. I meant only that Housley was now much more likely to stick with Risto on the PP1 which I think most everyone here believes he shouldn't be on, even with that goal.
  12. Everyone knows this but it's still noteworthy to me that we finally get 40 shots a game. For a few weeks. It has to be a decade since we have been getting the number of shots like this.
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