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  2. Federalist 85 though has a line that I do love: "These judicious reflections contain a lesson of moderation to all the sincere lovers of the Union, and ought to put them upon their guard against hazarding anarchy, civil war, a perpetual alienation of the States from each other, and perhaps the military despotism of a victorious demagogue, in the pursuit of what they are not likely to obtain, but from time and experience." http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/fed85.asp
  3. They basically set up the underlying logic behind some parts of the Constitution. They also argue against a Bill of Rights. Well interesting reads, they don't show the whole picture. The Origins of the American Constitution is a good read. Also the Creation of the American Republic is another good read. It has been about 10 years now since I took a course on the history and origins of the US constitution. Was a really fascinating class but I don't remember the details. I could stand to go back and re-read the 2 books I mentioned as they are on my shelf.
  4. There is no way that you have read any of these. I got a good giggle, though, so thank you.
  5. Hey Scotty, were REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES that impeached Clinton attempting a coup and deprive voters of the right to self govern? If not, where is the difference?
  6. I choose to ignore your posts because I don't believe any of them. Oh, and by the way, the Party's didn't "switch" as you and LTS propose. The Republicans are still lying cheats of the the public trust, and the Democrats are still oppressors of the people. Your "FAKE NEWS" narrative doesn't fly this way, and not the least bit sorry I say that. I've traveled this nation, as I said, extensively. Lived in 36 states, much of what you post is garbage compared to what I've seen out there. Intellectually honest? Really? Ok. The Mueller Report is a non factor for me as far as Trump goes, it is however, going to be a part of the investigation to come, you know the one. Where DEMOCRAT OPERATIVES at the highest positions of Government attempted a coup on a duly elected sitting President in an ALL OUT EFFORT to deprive the Citizens of their right to SELF GOVERN. Your not even conscious to what just transpired, and what is about to come. Lynch, Yates, Comey, Strozk, Page, McCabe, Clinton, Clapper and Brennan to name a few. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see Obama's name in there, since you know, Page's text about "the White House is handling this" over the FISA situation Is in black and white. Makes what that scumbag Nixon did look like a day care park. Some time, you should read the Federalist Papers, the personal writings of the founders, and the framers, the Articles of Confederation, the early Supreme Court decisions, up to 1825 or so. They will "enlighten" your "Intellectual Honesty". I said, a fire arms violation. That alone, is felonious. There are no misdemeanors with fire arms.
  7. Let's slow the roll. Call people by their given names, initials, nicknames. There's no need to throw insults into the mix when describing people and their actions. Let their actions speak for themselves and if they are insulting actions then the insult will be obvious. There's certainly no need to engage in the use of derogatory language in some attempt to equate the actions of one person with the supposed incapability of a group of people. It's demeaning to everyone and makes you look foolish. For example: Hillary Rodham Clinton is her name. Also, HRC, Clinton, HIllary. Donald Trump is his name. Also, DJT, Trump, The Don, Donald, The President. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is her name. Also, AOC. It happens once in awhile, but if we let it go unchecked the conversation devolves into who can use the most colorful language rather than who can make the best point.
  8. I don't think it's going to be 12 years, but your great-grandchildren are not going to have a good time. Also, feel free to start an AOC thread if you'd like.
  9. I said what I said because I'm pissed off about what this has become. Trump is not a perfect person, very far from it. I will say the same for myself. I was angry that our election came down to those two. I felt like it would be a decision of the lesser of two evils. Since then he brought KJU to meetings but gets blasted because they haven't denuked yet. He wants to build a wall because physical barriers, when coupled with manpower and technology, do work and gets called racist. I didn't say every person who aligns left. I said it about her specifically. The world will not end in 12 years and IMO it is scare tactics just like the ones that led us down Bush's road post 911. I do want a better planet to leave my kids than the one we have now. I also want to make sure there is a way to provide them good health care without having millions of dollars. Seeing as we agree on that we can debate how to get there which is what I think is supposed to happen. I said what I said because there are two sides to a coin. If people have that much disdain for Trump they need to look at other people too. If anyone thinks this will end when Trump is not president they are wrong. All of this is setting precedence. As for why I do what I do, it has no bearing on anything I say here. But in response to your question I will give it my best. I think our country's history is one of perseverance; Great Depression, Civil War/Reconstruction, Civil Rights, so on. We do take in people looking for a better life and provide aid monetarily and physically throughout the world. Our landscape is diverse and beautiful and our people descend from those who had the courage to tell the most powerful King and country to go to hell. I don't want my kids going to the same places I did so I stick around hoping to see it through as unrealistic as it might be. I think its awesome that one way or another we as a people will get through this and be stronger for it. I don't do my job because I think we are perfect with a perfect history. I do it because although we had dark times we have shown to be remarkable. Its in defense of my children's opportunity to be better than me, not in defense of elected people who act like they know better than you or I. They simply have the stomach for it. I hope that makes it clear where I stand on my country and its people.
  10. Serious question. You said that you are in the service. Why did you choose to go and protect a populace that have such disdain for? Almost three million more people voted for that rapist defending hag than the ***** grabber, yet you decided to go out there and defend our right to be window licking morons who care about clean air and universal health care. Do you really believe the garbage you are spewing or are you just trolling? You've had some good stuff to say so it's a little disappointing when go off the rails.
  11. Ok bud you do what you have to. I'll take it with a grain of salt from a guy who thinks Benghazi is non issue when the last Dem candidate peddled lies and said what difference does it make. BTW she did successfully defend an accused child rapist by tearing into the kid. You can listen to a video of a conversation she had following the trial where she laughs about the ordeal. As far as Biden goes, if it was your daughter he was touching like that I doubt you would defend him. Maybe I was out of line with my AOC comment. I guess we will see if I was right or wrong in 12 years when the world ends. Her words not mine.
  12. You're a little out of your spot with this. Biden hugged. He didn't "grab 'em by the *****." He didn't cheat on his wives, and he didn't bang porn stars. And he doesn't belong to the party that claims to be the Christian voice in America (by the way, you never addressed that). Benghazi is a non-issue, and I have no idea why you're still on it, and what child rapist? Is this more pizzagate stuff? BUT: AND I MEAN, READ THIS: "Window licker," or any other metaphor/symbol/slang/whatever for the mentally challenged is not acceptable here. Even when referring to Trumpers. I'll shut it down for 48 hours the next time I see it. The next time I see it from YOU, you're done. Are we clear?
  13. I think the biggest problem with this line of logic is, it didn't have to end with "hold my beer" and a Trump vote.
  14. Maybe you will get Biden in 2020. The guy who just grabs them everywhere and sniffs their hair. I’m glad HRC didn’t win. You talk about morality, the woman got a child rapist off and pushed a lie about why four Americans died in Benghazi. Now you guys have Omar and the window licker AOC as up and comers. Keep virtue signaling for your masters. If you want to know why people are going hard right it’s an equal and opposite reaction.
  15. No, I don't think we would. A twice-divorced serial cheater who "grabs 'em by the *****." And the GOP told me it was the party of Christian morality. This is peak "people don't care anymore." Maybe he's using the "takes one to know one" method of identifying criminals.
  16. He’s a convicted felon in possession of firearms illegally. A comvicted felon that thinks he’s going to try to keep criminals out of America.
  17. He has no interest in being intellectually honest. He calls out democrats for hypocrisy in a post where he is being a hypocrite. Note how silent he has been on the Mueller report. A report that shows his lord and savior, Donald Trump as what he really is. A lying con man who would do anything to further himself. Not the country but himself.
  18. You know that in the 60's the Republican and Democratic party flipped right? No, you just keep on hate mongering from a place of ignorance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Democrats http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~gelman/research/published/reversal2.pdf
  19. As I said, not all are bad and not all are committing violent crimes. If they want to seek asylum then do so at a port of entry. This is where initial screening and documentation should take place to include trying to identify ties to MS-13 and other violent organizations. The other issue is with children. I do not believe every single person coming here with a kid in tow is the actual guardian of that child. Call me crazy but Id bet some of them have the idea that if they kidnap someone's kid down south they can pass them off as their own in hope of an easier time gaining entry. What happens to the kid after that is anyone's guess but I cant imagine its a good time. How many don't show up for their court date? I can only imagine why. So yes, percentage wise most do not commit violent crimes. However, if the majority don't show up for their follow on hearing you have to ask why. Perhaps they are scared their port of entry story wont hold up in court and they will get deported. I don't understand why there is so much emphasis on why we should take everyone in but not as much on the root of the problem. So many people crap on ICE and our laws like we need to change things to accommodate other people. If people care so much then direct that energy at the countries these people are coming from.
  20. I've posted real data regarding crime rates of these immigrants in this very thread. Feel free to look back for it. US citizens have a higher crime rate and violent crime rate than these immigrants.
  21. I cant speak to the Dem party transition but if you think there aren't violent people, drug and human trafficking mixing in with the ones legitimately looking for asylum you are wrong. Same thing but smaller scale with the ones leaving ISIS held areas and going to Europe. Its not all of them but still an issue.
  22. And Scottysabres is either ignoring, or woefully ingnorant of the recent history of the Southern Strategy and the defection of the racist element of the Democrats to the Republican side when the Democrats took up the Civil Rights Movement as an official party platform. I suppose he's not any more interested in the intellectual honesty of that huge change than he is interested in the intellectual honesty of the claims of violent criminals coming over the border.
  23. No small amount of irony that the guy leading the effort to stem the tide of supposed violent criminals was a convicted felon himself.
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