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  2. BOO. But that said, you want low taxes, you want low bills, you get less. We lost power here for 4 days and others longer during that insane wind storm. NY isn't run by Republicans. Sometimes Mother Nature just ups and punches you in the face for wrecking her planet.
  3. So. How come we can put a rover on Mars, but Texans can't turn on their lights? SPOILER BELOW Because the Mars program is run by scientists and Texas is run by Republicans.
  4. Well, among other, less reputable places... I mean, I’m rather happy that’s where you found it, I’m not going to lie.
  5. I am a "Never Trump" Conservative -- I voted Libertarian in 2016 (I live in NYS, so my vote is irrelevant) and Biden in 2020. The judges were never worth it to me -- particularly now after the damage to our country. I view the tax cuts as a very bad idea during economic expansion -- that's when you raise rates and cut spending to lower the National Debt. (I am a fiscal conservative -- running up a deficit now is forgivable because of our dire economic straits.) I view those who stormed the Capitol as terrorists. I think that impeaching then-President Trump absolutely essential. I vi
  6. Expect the rallies to begin again shortly, along with more and escalating violence across the country. We are in so much danger as a country/society.
  7. Unsurprisingly he was not convicted. The only surprise to me is 7 Republicans showed a backbone and voted to convict
  8. teresting developments today in the Senate. Very curious what agreement was reached to avoid witnesses. Have to think with a Dem majority that Reps had to give in on something
  9. When you rely on the government.. you are doomed to fail.
  10. The members of Congress and senate, etc got their vaccine right away, first in line. To them, everything is hunky dory. Besides they have bigger fish to fry right now over public health.
  11. I wonder what Nfreeman thinks... "it won't be that bad" "people need a cooling off period". You're right, it wasn't "that bad"... it was worse.
  12. I am amazed that Republican's have argued that 1) they are the party of person responsibility and 2) that they can't convict Trump because he is already out of office... I will never in my life vote for a member of the GOP. On January 6th 2021, they no longer were a via political party I could in good conscience vote for as they dragged their lies and insurrection literally into the capitol.
  13. Every time I watch this, I am amazed, absolutely amazed, at the production quality. And Shuler Hensley would have made a better Javert than Russell Crowe (although he would not have driven the box receipts). Crowe can't sing in the bass range with the confidence Hensley has here. It's almost too bad that I can't share it with a lot of friends just because of the political nature of it.
  14. So glad the above post got sent to board purgatory. Clearly it has no place in a non-political discussion of covid. Yes I am using sarcasm and it is possible I sprained an eye from rolling it with the over moderation.
  15. We are not that far away from having enough product to meet demand. The first priority in the tiered system is directed toward the population that is most vulnerable and exposed to the virus. I just heard on the radio today that the military is going to be dispatched to help with the logistics and with the administration of the project. But even when we get to the point where enough product is available there still has to be an orderly system in place to administer the vaccine. You can't have 2000 people show up at a school gymnasium when the capacity to vaccinate is only 500 per day. That is
  16. The "real conservatives" are, and have been the Democrats, since Bill Clinton and his gang (many of whom are still rather prominent... I mean, Hillary ran on a platform demonstrably to the right of Nixon in 2016) veered the party right in the early 90's to some success. Until, of course, the Republicans were forced to stare into the abyss and decided to jump in head first, starting with the "Contract with America" (ugh) and spiraling downhill from there to what we have now. Even those who today call themselves conservative and publicly deplore Trump regret it all not one tiny bit, beca
  17. The "real conservatives" give into the "far right," though, every time, which pulls the progressives toward the center (Pelosi--she is not a liberal, not even a moderate one). It ends up being two.
  18. We are actually a 4 part system under everything. Far Right (trumpism), Real Conservatives (Romney), Moderate Liberals (Pelosi and the Dem Establishment), Progressives (AOC).
  19. Been saying that for years. And it certainly wasn't an original idea of mine. Prediction, we stay predominately a 2 party system but the Republican party has a major transformation. Guys like Romney and the McCain family will be on the outside looking in and will be forced to make an unpleasant choice. Bush II will look like a liberal when this is over. This still looks to get worse before it gets better to me.
  20. https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2021/01/24/robert-gehrke-if-we-want/
  21. Hawley already trying to block cabinet appointees. That said, Biden as some work to do and I remain skeptical. The student debt crisis still exists. Millions are still out of work. 3-4k people are dying every day of COVID. Their are literally traitors in the house and senate.

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