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  2. Those are fanatics.. and they exist in every facet. Some are just more violent than others. It will be wonderful when a few of them decide to act on their beliefs and basically become terrorists.
  3. There is definitely a vocal minority of Trump supporters who think the best way to defend their "freedom" is to threaten everyone who doesn't agree with them.
  4. Hiring Rham Emanuel is a hell ***** no. That guy is a dirtbag and doesn't deserve any other chances at public life. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/greg-hinz-politics/what-does-biden-have-mind-rahm-emanuel
  5. if he manages to bring the presidency back to any semblance of pre-trumpf normalcy I will consider it a win. But i doubt the Republican Party and in particular the trumpf base will allow anything to return to normal
  6. At the concurrence of other posters here is an early discussion on Joe Biden’s presidency.
  7. None of that. Apparently I’m a sheep, they have all the guns and the guy threatened my family. All I said was Biden won. Not all Trump supporters are like that though. Seven billion people on the planet. Some are very interesting.
  8. Did they tell you about how Huego Chavez was stealing the US election from Trump using voting equipment created by Venezuela and backed by China? Or that Brian Kemp was in on it too because he was getting kickbacks from Dominion and then did they toss out Smartmatic flipping votes in Germany from Servers the US Army raided and took?
  9. Agreed. He's going to be the President and there's plenty to discuss on what he's already doing in preparation.
  10. Before I jump the gun. Do we want to wait until inauguration for the Biden thread or start it early? I ask because I understand he will be making his cabinet nominations known in the near future. Figure we could talk about the first 100 days and some predictions between now and January.
  11. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/federal-judge-rejects-trump-campaigns-pa-lawsuit-prejudice/story?id=74340354 Another one bites the dust..
  12. Had an interesting conversation with some stranger Online. I didn’t like him but he likes Trump so naturally I went full never Trumper. Conversation got real weird. Crazy people out there.
  13. Regarding the holy grail: Frenchy (to Round Table Knighits): No thank you, we’ve already got one. It’s very nice.” Frenchy (to other frenchies): (low voice) I told him we’ve already got one. (All snickering)
  14. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries
  15. If anyone is wondering why the last page or two may look strange it's because I deleted the ongoing personal attack posts after I requested them to stop. I'm not a forum expert but the deletion process is a bit cludgy, so if I missed anything it was not intentional and if a reply that had multiple comments in it was deleted I apologize but the stink of personal attacks taints the whole post. The next step is to be removed from the club. I have sent personal messages along with this. Keep it above board or take a break.
  16. That's right up there with bringing a convicted sex-offender from Trenton to Philadelphia to pretend to be a PA poll watcher alleging fraud in a press conference in front of a landscaping company.
  17. According to reports the affidavits of voter fraud in Michigan are actually using election data from Minnesota because the lawyers for Trump mixed up MN v MI as abbreviations. That expert confused Minnesota and Michigan. He was counting the population of towns in Minnesota, seeing they did not match Michigan towns, and finding fraud.
  18. Yeah, Trump and many within his administration are straight up traitors. Actively, purposely harming the country for their own personal gain. In the end, I still think this does not work, but it makes me absolutely sick. This is also the reason that I feel like this isn’t over until the electoral votes are actually cast. Trump is going to do everything he possibly can, with indifference to legality or morality, consequences be damned.
  19. This is concerning. It is outside of the intended process. And it has a chance of succeeding. This is not democracy. We are witnessing a full Wizard of Oz moment. The curtain has been pulled back and we can now see how tenuous the hold on democracy and rule of law really is. I am genuinely concerned.
  20. And then there is this. Trump will pressure these lawmakers into rejecting a legal election in order to help him to a second term. We've reached the point where the acting President is attempting a coup.
  21. It isn't about the country, it is about not losing. More examples from the most morally bankrupt administration ever to set foot in the White House.

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