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  2. I could. He made the announcement himself. It is his answer to the 1619 project that he has used to inflame his base. I believe he called it the 1776 commission. He either is going to or already has signed the EO to start the program to teach our youth to "love america with all their souls". Easier to do a google and/or social media search for "the 1776 commission"
  3. Can you please reference an article or some other content when posting an item of this magnitude?
  4. This one is going to hit hard for a lot of people. You hope a 4th Republican can be found who believes no decision should be made until after the election and the United States has spoken. Naturally the push will be on to get someone slammed through. She battled the hell out of that cancer.
  5. I was seething when I read the email. I live in the wide open. No homeowners association. I never signed a single document forfeiting my individual rights when the property became mine. If anyone thinks they’re going to bully me, maybe make me scamper away, I have only one response. Make me.
  6. Assume that was the Bloomfield code officer? It's that kind of crap that is decaying our society. (well, one of many things of course). It's disgusting just how readily political parties will erode 1A.
  7. The chairman for the local Republican Party complained to the code officer that there was an ordinance that stated private land owners were not allowed to place political signs on their property until September 24. The code officer then went door to door making the property owners with Democratic signs and told them they had to remove them. The Trump signs it seems were deemed to not be political Lawyers were quickly involved and Mr. code guy has to go back to every house he originally visited and tell them to put their signs back up. I hadn’t gotten mine up yet before the censorship but rushed to make it so after all this. We decided to celebrate and make it a festive homegrown affair. I’m working on a homemade sign now. Last I knew I was living in a free country and am free to say whatever I want on my own ***** property.
  8. Yes, well these days you can read almost anything... and most of it is not true. Some of it is... I am only referring to those I've spoken with. Perhaps they feel the need to lie to me, who knows.
  9. I read somewhere that a fair number of Republicans that say they aren't voting for him end up voting for him in the privacy of the voting booth
  10. Not the vets I talk to. There are a lot of Republicans I know that wouldn't vote for him.
  11. not a vet but i bet i know the answer. the breaking point is right down the party line
  12. I'm really curious to hear Sabrespace vets takes on these two things. I wonder where the breaking point is?
  13. On top of disparaging veterans, he now has canceled Stars & Stripes.
  14. If the candidate lies about everything, why would anyone connected to the campaign be any different?
  15. Anyone else notice the several faked videos coming from prominent ppl in trump's campaign trying to make Biden look like he, 1) said something he didn't, 2) fell asleep in an interview which he didn't, 3) change a reporters question to make Biden fit their narrative, 4) edited out ppl to make it look like Biden was alone in his house. This isn't an election. It is an assault on the very fabric of the Republic. There's a big difference from 3rd parties making fake news and Donald Trump's campaign making it or at the least retweeting/sharing it. I keep saying it and I will say it again, we are in the endgame now.
  16. It may be. But the conversations in there are largely more about the election. Perhaps its time to shut that one down so it migrates here. People might avoid that thread simply because it's all about Trump.. or at least perceived to be.
  17. Nah sorry, just talking about a European issue. Over here its mostly caused by socialist parties.
  18. So you are arguing that the Republicans are in fear of or pro Muslim? Because it was the Republicans that pushed to open everything to quickly
  19. Much like the sports v politics, that will be difficult because he is literally using the powers of his office to help him in the election. The lines are so blurred they barely exist in current america
  20. Let me say one thing that pissed me of the most. At Easter grandkids weren't allowed with grandparents, couldn't celebrate that day. Not that it has a religious meaning for many but a time to spend with family gathering Easter eggs. Few months later Eid was allowed though, lets not piss of the Muslims, they might riot and start burning cars again. Two weeks later this country goes in lockdown because of higher Covid infection rates. Big guess which groups were affected ? Just no ***** respect for the rest of the country, they get to do what they want and give the rest of us a big ***** you back.
  21. I'm starting a thread for a discussion on what is bound to be viewed by historians of 2080 as one of the most critical points in American history. So have at it in here. Let's leave the Trump thread for discussing his work as President and not so much his election work and/or how Biden will work against him. Trump v Biden oh.. and Jorgensen. But no one talks about the female candidate with a PhD who will also be on the ballot in all 50 states.

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