The Sabres Report - April 16, 2014

Sabres lose out in draft lottery, will pick second in NHL draft   

Buffalo News:

‘“We’ll get a good player, and I think there’s a great chance we could get a guy that we have No. 1 on our list,” Murray said. “I think with the way the draft sets up, we probably have a better chance of getting the guy that we have No. 1 than we had a chance today of getting the first pick.”‘

Accountability in Sabreland will be a big deal with Murray   

Buffalo News:

‘Say what you will about the team, which was an abject disgrace this season, Murray and Nolan give suffering fans a reason for hope. It’s faint hope, but when your team has hit rock bottom, you’ll grab onto anything you can.’

Murray says Sabres need to earn NHL officials’ respect   

Buffalo News:

‘“I’ve had some talks with people in the league. We’ve had our ‘pee-pee’ slapped once here so I’ve got to be careful what I say,” Murray said, as laughter filled the press conference room in First Niagara Center. “I’m on notice and I don’t want to have to pay that fine.”’

GM Tim Murray wants higher expectations for Sabres, quick rebuild   

Olean Times Herald:

‘“When you tear it down, it doesn’t happen overnight,” he said. “I don’t buy into five-year rebuilds. I think when you use terminology like that as a GM you’re really setting yourself up for a long run if your owner buys into that. I could sit here and say it’s a seven-year rebuild and hopefully I get 10 years out of it. But that’s not reality and not what I want anyway.”‘

Sabres can’t keep top pick during lottery, will draft second in June   

Olean Times Herald:

‘Murray acknowledged he wanted the Isles to move up so GM Garth Snow had a tough decision. Snow must decide by June 1. The 2015 draft has Connor McDavid, perhaps the best prospect since Sidney Crosby in 2005.’

Flynn was a scorer at Maine, now a defender in the NHL   

Portland Press Herald:

‘“If you want to play, you’ve got to figure out a way to stick,” Flynn said. “And for me, I guess being more of a defensive player and killing penalties was the way to do it.’

Sabres looking to rebuild quickly   


”’A lot of nights it was hard to watch,” Murray said. ”A lot of nights we competed hard and just didn’t have enough talent to put us over the top. But other nights, it wasn’t pretty.”’

Panthers jump Sabres to win NHL draft lottery   


‘The top two projected prospects are left wing Samuel Bennett, of OHL Kingston, who finished first in the final rankings released by NHL Central Scouting last week, and OHL Barrie defenseman Aaron Ekblad.’

Murray: 'This is not going to be a five-year rebuild'   


‘“When you tear it down, it doesn’t happen over night. But I don’t buy into five-year rebuilds,” Murray said.’

The Sabres will not draft first overall in June   


‘The New York Islanders will pick 5th and have the choice of giving that pick to Buffalo or deferring it to 2015 thanks to the Thomas Vanek trade. Murray sounds like he’d rather have this year’s pick, but he didn’t come right out and say it, “No, I don’t have a preference. If it’s this year, we know where they are this year, we know it’s a top five pick this year so we know we’re going to get a hell of a player. There’s a lot of uncertainty about next year so, I’m not a big fan of uncertainty, so we’d be quite happy with it this year.”’

Sabres fans, the worst is over   


‘Like I said, it has to get better. The worst part of the tear down or the “suffering” is over. The old house has been demolished and now the foundation is being laid for the new house. It will take a little time for that new house to be completed but at least we can see it being built finally.’

View from the top   


‘The Sabres have the 2nd pick, and they could also have the 5th, 6th, pick from the Islanders. I’ll be going much more in depth on each prospect as we get closer, but for now… here’s your top ten…’.

The Sabres Report - April 15, 2014

Sabres must move on with a new attitude   

Buffalo News:

‘“These types of things, they hurt,” defenseman Mike Weber said. “Our fans have been very supportive, but at the same time you don’t want to disappoint people. You don’t want that feeling walking around town that you’ve disappointed people or you’re letting people down, especially a hard-working city like Buffalo. I think to every man, we’ve accepted the challenge.”‘

Scott says officials kept close tabs on him   

Buffalo News:

‘“I think they were aware of me a little more,” Scott said Monday as the Buffalo Sabres cleaned out their lockers at First Niagara Center. “I think after the incidents with Boston and Toronto, they were looking out for me a little more but it got a little better at the end of the year where I didn’t get calls where I got them at the beginning of the year, but the refs know who the guys are. I think they were looking out for me a little more than they usually would be.”’

Sabres guaranteed to pick No. 2   

Buffalo News:

‘Last-place Buffalo has a 25 percent chance of winning the lottery and keeping the first overall pick. Florida, which finished 29th, has an 18.8 percent chance.’