The Sabres Report - September 24, 2016

Jack Eichel will join Sabres soon   

Olean Times Herald:

‘Eichel won’t play in the Sabres’ first two exhibition games Monday and Tuesday.’

Sabres Take The Ice For First Day Of Practice

‘”I know a lot of us, even the younger guys that just did the prospects tournament and everything, were all familiar with the drills so that’s kind of why it can be high-tempo,” defenseman Jake McCabe said. “We know what we’re doing out there so let’s get in the corners, get the pucks going, let’s get after it.”‘

Franson Looks To Rebound From "Scary" Injury

‘There’s also the number on his back, which has changed from 46 to 6. He took 46 last season having few other options after signing late in the summer. There were no tears shed when he had the opportunity to leave that number behind and switch to the one he wore while coming up in junior hockey.’

The Sabres Report - September 23, 2016

Sabres' Evander Kane shrugs off legal problems   

Buffalo News:

‘“Off the ice, these things unfortunately happen more often than not. They’re only becoming more and more relevant every day if you look around the other sports. For me, it’s just trying to stay out of that kind of stuff, kind of picking my spots better.”’

Evander Kane as the victim? Not buying it   

Buffalo News:

‘Instead of attempting to paint himself as a victim, Kane would have been wise to at least appear sorry. Maybe he believes he’s done nothing wrong legally. The courts will decide that. But he certainly brought bad publicity to the organization that gave up a fortune to get him and pays him a fortune to play, and being sorry for that would have been appropriate.’

Sabres' Ennis: 'Our mindset now is playoffs'   

Buffalo News:

‘“Our mindset now is playoffs,” Ennis said in KeyBank Center. “We’re a team that’s looking to compete and be a real threat. We’re growing. We did a great job toward the end of the year last year of really kind of finding our identity. We added some great pieces, and now it’s coming together.’

Kyle Okposo excited to join a team with 'room to grow'   

Buffalo News:

‘”I think there’s a lot of room to improve and the upside of this team is extremely high,” Okposo said Thursday morning in KeyBank Center as players reported for physicals and meetings on the first day of training camp. “I’ve been through a rebuild before early in my career and have seen it come to kind of a fruition you can say. And there is light at the end of the tunnel and for this team I think it could come a lot quicker than my experiences with the Islanders just because of how talented the group is and how hard we work. So I’m really looking forward to that.”‘

Sabres' Gionta on Kane: 'Hopefully, he’s still maturing'   

Buffalo News:

‘”I would hope that he wants to stay a little more low profile around things,” Gionta said Thursday in KeyBank Center. “I think on the ice he can give us a certain dimension that we need and that we want for a teammate to come in and work hard the way he does and play the game hard. Hopefully, he’s still maturing as an individual off the ice.”‘

Five things to watch as Sabres open training camp   

Buffalo News:

‘This was the first summer in some time that Lehner has been able to fully train and he visibly is different – he’s dropped weight and added muscle, so much so that even defenseman Josh Gorges said he did a double take when he first saw Lehner a few weeks ago.’

Sabres’ Evander Kane says off-ice incidents ‘come with the territory’   

Olean Times Herald:

‘“I’m not going to say too much,” Kane said. “I’m here, I’m in camp.”’

Concussion recovery gave Sabres’ Tyler Ennis new appreciation   

Olean Times Herald:

‘“I enjoy being out there, but there’s things you can do to make sure your body’s feeling good before every practice, you’re taking every drill,” Ennis said. “You’re trying to get better before every drill. In the past, I probably was just enjoying being on the ice and skating and shooting around rather than maybe focusing on things that I could improve on and get better out of practice.”‘

Sabres weigh in on Phil Kessel tweet   

Olean Times Herald:

‘I thought that in 2014 in Sochi (Olympics) he was one of the best American forwards on the team, so I think he’s earned that right to say what he said. Me, being in a little bit different situation, I don’t think I have.“

Sabres' Kane blames legal woes on being targeted as athlete   


‘”These things unfortunately happen more often than not, and they’re becoming more and more prevalent each and every day if you look around other sports,” Kane said. “For me, it’s trying to stay out of that kind of stuff and kind of picking my spots better.”‘

Sabres' Kane very casual about his summer legal trouble   


‘Thursday is the first time Kane has spoken since being charged in a June harassment incident. Kane was very casual and matter of fact when talking about his legal issues. He said, “I’m not going to say too much. I’m here, I’m ready for camp and I’m looking forward to that process starting.” He added, “These situations are what they are, they happen to athletes or people in a position such as myself and those are things that you deal with and kind of come with territory, but it saying that, you have to be a little bit more aware and put yourself on a higher pedestal than maybe you think you are.”’

Sabres' Kane keeping focus on hockey   


‘”I would hope he wants to stay a little more low profile around things. You know on the ice, I think he can give us a certain dimension that we need and that we want — for a teammate to come in and work hard, the way he does, and play the way he does.”‘