Sabres fall from sixth to eighth in the NHL Draft Lottery

‘Lately, the Sabres have drafted eighth overall twice. In 2013, they took defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen and most recently took Alex Nylander in 2016. It’s the only two times they’ve had the eighth overall pick.’

The Sabres try to beat the odds at the NHL Draft Lottery

‘The odds of the Sabres winning the lottery and getting the first pick overall are 7.6-percent. They have a 7.8 percent chance of jumping to the second overall pick, and an eight-percent chance of drafting third overall.’

Drury will not interview for Sabres’ general manager position

‘According to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, Buffalo had asked permission from the New York Rangers to interview assistant general manager, and former Sabres captain Chris Drury. After some consultation between Drury and the Rangers, the team did not feel it was the right time for Drury to interview for a general manager job.’

Sabres search for GM and coach update

‘Buffalo Sabres owner Kim Pegula confirmed on Wednesday that the search for a new general manager and head coach is in full force. She didn’t want to talk about candidates, but said they’ve already put a lot of work into the search and it could go this week and into next. Pegula said, “We’re keeping it under wraps, but we definitely have put a lot of work in this week.”’

Antipin could join Sabres after World Championship

‘It is believed that former Sabres general manager Tim Murray has wanted Antipin to come play in North America ever since his days with the Ottawa Senators organization. Even with Murray no longer in the picture in Buffalo, Kalnins’ report suggests that Antipin is still likely to join the Sabres organization.’

Is Sam Reinhart living up to his draft status?

‘His work paid off as he was Buffalo’s best player in front of the net with screens and tips. In his second season, Reinhart participated in very few of the extra workout and his attitude changed too. He acted like he had made it and became pretty arrogant in his demeanor and interviews. Only after he had to sit out a game for being late, did he become a regular after practice again. I think he had three tipped goals all season and wasn’t a force in front until late in the season.’

Sabres general manager search is underway

‘During his press conference, owner Terry Pegula was asked if the next general manager would have experience in contrast to Tim Murray, who served as the assistant general manager for the Ottawa Senators and also ran their AHL affiliate prior to joining the Sabres. “I would say that’s probably a safe assumption,” Pegula told reporters Friday. “Experience is going to be key.” Pegula also admitted he wished he had been more involved with the hiring process three years ago.’

Buffalo sports = a hamster wheel

‘I’m not bothered by the house cleaning. I don’t think it sets the Sabres back another five years as some of you might. It’s very simple, it all comes down to hiring the right people to build your organization. This is where the story can become scary though.’

Pegula: ‘We will move forward with new leadership’

‘”Experience is going to be a key in our search. Without disclosing specific details about what our plan is, out plan may change as we start talking to people, but the plan is to build a stronger organization from top to bottom.”‘

O’Reilly said he didn’t see the changes running this deep

‘“It’s unfortunate you don’t want to see people go, I enjoyed playing for them and when there isn’t success, changes are going to be made and it happens, so I have to worry about myself and being a better player.”’

Gionta talks about Murray and Bylsma

‘Now that Bylsma gone Gionta may have some ideas on what this team needs. He said, “Terry talked about it this morning, accountability, somebody that’s going to come in, right the ship and make sure that everyone is accountable on and off the ice for what’s happening and it doesn’t need to be a hardline guy, it just needs to be someone that can keep the pulse of the team.”’

Who is running the Sabres?

‘The team missed the playoffs by 17 points and went backwards instead of forwards. Pegula was asked what he feels his mistakes have been. He had one that seems to stick with him, “I can tell you that I was not involved in the last general manager/coach search to a large extent and I regret that move.”’

Pegula has created habit of paying coaches not to coach

‘So of the sevcn, soon to be eight, coaches Pegula has paid them for roughly 10 seasons to coach and will pay them nine seasons not to coach. That nine years doesn’t include Ruff or Rolston who we don’t know the details of. The funny part is you could argue the two coaches Pegula inherited, may be the best of the bunch.’

Murray’s drafts and trades

‘Other than Kulikov, Murray did nothing for the defense. He overestimated the talents of Zach Bogosian and Josh Gorges. Gorges can still play well on a third pair, but at 33-years-old in August, he can’t be out there with Rasmus Ristolainen.’

The Sabres have fired Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma

‘Pegula will speak on Friday at 10:00. You’ll hear it live on WGR Sports Radio 550.’