‘I remember crying myself to sleep for two months’: former NHL coach Ted Nolan

‘Maybe I’ll be like Billy Martin for the New York Yankees and come back again. You never know in this crazy business, but I just hope the Sabres get the right thing going and win for the people of Buffalo because it’s a real good hockey town. I’ve never stopped thinking I wouldn’t go back. To get the other side to make that offer is the hard part. I love to coach and I love to make differences in people’s lives and, in hockey lives, it’s about winning. If you have an opportunity to formulate a good team with the right people, you’ve got a good chance. I’d love to (coach again in the NHL).’

Nice guys finish last in the sports world

‘It’s time for Pegula to stop being a fan and be an owner, and that means making some tougher, better decisions. Last week he fired both Sabres head coach Dan Bylsma and general manager Tim Murray, and late last year, he fired Rex Ryan as Bills head coach, replacing him with relatively unknown Sean McDermott.’

Blues fans shouldn’t take good hockey for granted

‘While the Blues have managed to retool on the fly and remain competitive — reaching postseason play six years in a row — the Sabres demonstrated how NOT to build teams.’

The Sabres’ next GM must bring in the right coach — and fix the culture

‘It’s a hire the GM has to get right. Eichel has too much talent to waste. If the right coach doesn’t help Eichel maximize his skill, he’ll find himself following Hall in another dubious manner: by being traded.’

Sabres looking for general manager, coach again

‘But the biggest challenge in Buffalo? Regaining the fans’ trust in the franchise. The Sabres have one of the NHL’s most loyal fan bases, but fans have been fooled into believing that the team is going to have long-term success.’

Buffalo Bills and Sabres owner Terry Pegula seems to have learned from Rex Ryan mess

‘Now Pegula has to actually deliver a winner. He’s appeared in over his head with both franchises at times. Maybe he’s starting to learn some lessons along the way. He’s certainly leaning on discipline, structure and communication as his new buzz words.’

Terry Pegula insists the Buffalo Sabres didn’t ‘tank’ for Jack Eichel

‘”I don’t want to talk about the past,” Pegula said. “A lot of teams go through rebuilds. Hope to lose? We do not hope to lose. We went through a rebuild. I don’t understand why I’ve read an article by one of you gentleman about how Cleveland (Browns) is going through a rebuild but the Sabres tanked. One city can rebuild? You can’t have it both ways.”‘

What Terry Pegula had to say about firing Sabres coach, GM (transcript)

‘Without disclosing specifics on this search, we are going to find the best candidates that we will bring into our organization to achieve our goals. The structure will land depending on the first person that we bring in, what his attitude is and how we should work together.’

Ownership Right To Go In Different Direction

‘The next front office of the Sabres is going to need to restock the system and know how to work in a salary-cap era when very few players at the top of the roster take up so much of the team’s payroll. Nowadays in the NHL, young players are essential to fill out the third and fourth lines.’

Pegula takes ownership for Sabres’ futility, promises culture change

‘The bottom line here: Pegula has shown an outstanding ability to refurbish the neighbourhoods surrounding the KeyBank Center. Now let’s see if he can do the same with the product inside the building.’

Sabres should have been hiring instead of firing

‘None of what Pegula did in the last few days is particularly surprising. This is what billionaire owners do when they’re not happy.’

Buffalo Sabres: Who will replace Dan Bylsma and Tim Murray?

‘If the Sabres want Lombardi, they’ll have to move fast. His name is at the top of the list among desired front office executives in the NHL.’

Buffalo Sabres make right decision by firing Bylsma, Murray

‘The Pegulas have their own timeline, but Murray’s fate may have been sealed with his inaction at the trade deadline. The Sabres could’ve used some help and were in the playoff hunt. Murray didn’t make any moves and the Sabres fell fast from there.’

Babcock’s last-minute choice — Toronto over Buffalo — looking genius in hindsight

‘If living in Yorkville, being paid $6 million US a year — which is, give or take a dollar, $8 million in Canadian funds — coaching the Leafs in the playoffs and probably being up for coach of the year is “just surviving,” then the rest of us have a whole lot to worry about. But Buffalo and kidding aside, the decision made by Mr. and Mrs. Babcock has truly worked out in their favour and the Maple Leafs’ favour.’

Sabres should take page out of Maple Leafs’ blueprint

‘After decades of the Leafs being plagued by meddling ownership, the hiring of Brendan Shanahan as team president in April 2014 changed the outlook forever. A Hall of Fame player who had gone on to spend time working at the NHL’s head office in New York, Shanahan was given the keys to the franchise.’