Sabres pay the price for another bad game

‘“It’s very, very disturbing. It’s mind-baffling. This is our occupation. This is what we do for a profession, and we have to concentrate on what we do.”’

Hapless Sabres searching for answers with season unravelling

‘“Some people are very emotional, some are not,” Nolan said. “Right now, we got a quiet group of athletes. They’re not boisterous, they’re not loud. You don’t try to make something that’s not there. But you have to work with what’s there.”‘

Thursday’s Boston Coverage

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Nolan’s patience runs out with lethargic Sabres

‘”Now is the time where taking it easy is over now,” Nolan said, noting that he had purposefully given the Sabres a 10-game grace period. “We’ve got to go work. I’ll take full responsibility for that. Maybe I didn’t push them hard enough. But today’s the day we have to start.”‘

The Buffalo Sabres are a terrible team that is somehow getting worse

‘Even though nobody with the team will admit it, this season is all about being bad. Bad enough to finish in a spot where they can land one of Connor McDavid, the puck-destroying phenom that is a man against boys in the Ontario Hockey League and is already playing the occasional game in Buffalo, or American-born sensation Jack Eichel, currently doing his NHL prep work at Boston University. It’s been years since the NHL has had two prospects this hyped entering the league in the same year, and it truly is a year where it could pay off in the long-run to be terrible in the short-term.’

Sabres’s Nolan said the grace period is over

‘I’ve been around Nolan a long time and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him that angry. He said, “It’s very, very disturbing, it’s mind baffling, this is our occupation, this is what we do for a profession and we have to concentrate on what we do, we don’t come here and just practice to practice, we’ve got to practice for skill to get better and the most important skill that people underestimate is the power of working and to me it’s a skill.”‘

Nolan pushes players in practice on Wednesday

‘“I always give our team a 10-game grace period, give them a little bit of rope and maybe someone will hang themselves. What we saw over the last 10 or so games, we saw that,” Nolan said. “Taking it easy is over now. We’ve got to work and I’ll take full responsibility for that. Maybe I didn’t push them hard enough.”‘

Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

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The Buffalo Sabres are truly terrible

‘Frankly, it’s hard to blame the organization. Buffalo is not a destination for free agents. Hardly any marquee names are even making it to free agency. More and more top players have no-trade clauses that allow them to dictate where they can go, which ultimately leaves only second tier players to spend money on, which leads to mistakes like the disastrous Ville Leino contract the Sabres signed in 2011.’

Sabres fall meekly in Toronto

‘Pity anyone who stays with this train wreck the whole way.’

Larsson rolling as Amerks hit First Niagara

‘Larsson, who can play left wing or center, was expected to compete for a forward spot in Buffalo until suffering the concussion against Toronto in the fourth exhibition game.’

Another ugly loss for Sabres

‘“I don’t know who we think we are, what kind of team we think we are, what we’ve accomplished to be playing like that,” Sabres defenseman Josh Gorges said. “We haven’t done nothing to be out there playing a cute game. We don’t deserve to play a cute game, and until we figure out that we have to work and scratch and claw and dig in order to give ourselves a chance to win, then we’re going to have nights like this.”’

Sabres embarrassed with performance against Maple Leafs

‘In order not to enrage our friends on the other side of the Peace Bridge, let’s make one thing clear — we have far too much respect for the Buffalo organization to suggest that they are losing on purpose. But man, the optics surrounding this once-proud franchise certainly are so bad, there surely will be allegations from the outside that, yes, that’s exactly what they are doing.’

Josh Gorges happy not to wear a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey

‘Gorges said after the shock of being turned loose by Montreal, he phoned his agent and asked for “time to think things over.” He understood the Leafs option, but his heart told him he couldn’t take the Leafs off his list of 15 teams he didn’t want to be traded to.’

Toronto Maple Leafs should envy the Buffalo Sabres who are (at least) losing with a purpose

‘But at least the Sabres recognize who they are. At least they have a plan, which they began to execute last season by trading Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek for a pair of first-round picks in the upcoming 2015 draft. The players might not like it (“losing stinks, regardless,” said longtime forward Drew Stafford). But as a fan, you can buy into the process because there is a clear direction.’