Murray knew he needed to find Sabres’ perfect fit

‘Murray didn’t “do this again” the next year, but it was just two years later. Communication in the organization hadn’t improved with Dan Bylsma behind the bench. In some cases – most notably player relations – it got worse.’

Sabres’ next bosses have a lot to fix on the ice

‘“We relied on our goalies way too much this year,” defenseman Zach Bogosian said. “They played well. They gave us chances to win basically on a nightly basis. We just didn’t get it done as a group, as a team – defense corps, forwards, everyone.’

Lombardi has red flags Pegula needs to study closely

‘The Kings were completely hamstrung by Lombardi’s deals.’

Pegula adamant about adding discipline, character to Sabres’ organization

‘“Those things are all something you need in your leaders so they are able to judge and look for the same characteristics in players and employees that work for your organization,” Pegula said. “You’ve got to have character throughout the organization, on the ice, and they have to be in a disciplined, structured environment where everybody knows what everybody’s doing and everybody’s talking. That’s how you win.”’

Hockey duties to be shared while Pegula searches for Sabres’ next leaders

‘There is no immediate need for replacements, but the organization can’t dawdle, either. Scouting departments typically meet in May to prepare for the NHL Draft (June 23-24 in Chicago) and the NHL Combine, which will be held May 28 through June 3 in Buffalo.’

Sabres owner Terry Pegula: ‘We have to get better’

‘“We as members of the Sabres’ organization are all responsible for our success,” Pegula said, “but accountability starts with me. We are not happy with our season this year, and there are no excuses.’

10 unanswered questions worth asking Terry Pegula

‘With the Bills, coach Sean McDermott and general manager Doug Whaley both report directly to Pegula. It was the same way with Rex Ryan. But at the Sabres, Bylsma was under Murray, who reported to Pegula. Is that the way Pegula sees this working out? Does he plan to hire anyone else to oversee the hockey side of things? … perhaps an autocratic ruler?’

Gionta on Sabres shakeup: ‘Ownership wants a winning team and they want it now’

‘”Completely shocked,” Gionta said Friday night, when asked for his initial reaction during an intermission appearance on NBC Sports Network’s coverage of the Toronto-Washington game. “Leaving our exit interviews, we didn’t think that was coming. We had some negative stuff as far as where we wanted to be as a team. Everyone was disappointed with where we wanted to be as a team but we didn’t think this was coming down the pike.’

The last photo of Dan Bylsma as coach of the Sabres?

‘The picture, included in this week’s Catches of the Week gallery, shows Bylsma (lower right) with Shawn Schott of Grand Island, Dave Arnts of Buffalo and Tom Ward of Buffalo (a Sabres assistant coach) with a cooler of perch. The four were fishing with Capt. Jim Hanley of Angola.’

Jerry Sullivan: If communication is key for Sabres, why are so many questions left unanswered?

‘That’s how low the standard has become. Pegula goes 3-1/2 years without a press conference specifically about the Sabres, then he condescends to give us a brief exchange and we’re supposed to feel grateful.’

Bucky Gleason: Next step for Pegula is backing up words with action

‘Pegula deserved credit for coming forward and addressing a few problems during his short presser at KeyBank Center. It certainly beat the alternative, which was hiding behind closed doors and hoping problems would disappear. He showed his face and provided generic insight into his intentions, knowing his next hire was critical.’

Mike Harrington: Pegula is right when he says Sabres need to fix character flaws

‘If the Sabres win now, it won’t remotely be because they tanked. It will be because Pegula & Co. somehow found a way to hire experienced executives to fill out the roster, make deals and draft better. Murray’s 2016 draft looks like it has some solid potential. But for all the correct bagging on Darcy Regier’s poor drafts, it doesn’t get enough play how bad Murray looks in 2014.’

Insta-Graham: From under the fog, Pegula gets privy

‘Pegula called the report “fabricated,” but I don’t believe that. I can virtually guarantee WGR 550’s Paul Hamilton received insight from a credible source. Perhaps that insight never floated all the way up to Pegula.’

Jerry Sullivan’s Hot Read: Pegula speaks briefly, says little

‘It’s regrettable that Kim Pegula, who is one of the few powerful women in major sports ownership and is said to wield at least as much power as her husband behind the scenes, chooses to stand behind her man in these moments of crisis.’

Bucky Gleason’s Hot Read: Terry Pegula’s mea culpa was a start

‘Several times, Pegula outlined the franchise’s core values – discipline, character, communication and structure – when hiring executives and coaches and acquiring players. It was a clear sign he wasn’t happy with GM Tim Murray and questionable characters such as Evander Kane.’