Sabres GM Jason Botterill plans to make Rochester a priority

‘“A lot of people always try to figure out, is it development, is it scouting, is it American Hockey League? What is it?” Botterill said. “The bottom line is if anything falls apart in that line, it just doesn’t work. It needs to be an entire group effort.”’

Wojton: Pump the brakes, WNY sports fans

‘Beane and Botterill (40) are younger in terms of their peers in their respective leagues. They’re young, but that doesn’t mean their innovative and winners. They have to show and prove those, not be handed these descriptive words.’

Botterill has his work cut out for him in Buffalo

‘”The skill set he brings was a big factor in them being interested and I think (Jason) himself admitted, even though he spent an extra year or two in Pittsburgh than he thought, it turned out to be really productive learning, too,” said Cal Botterill. “I think even though he may have wanted Jim’s job, he really enjoyed working with Jim Rutherford. He’s won a (Stanley) Cup, he’s a rational, poised guy. He made some deals that were pretty critical in their success and so I think these were times Jason was still learning and so now he seems and feels ready to go.”‘

Botterill found passion for hockey in Winnipeg

‘As a youngster growing up in Winnipeg, Botterill dreamed of becoming the next Dale Hawerchuk, filling the net with regularity as a member of the Jets.’

6 major priorities for rookie Sabres GM Jason Botterill

‘Poor communication with players has been cited as a reason why things didn’t work out with Bylsma, and Botterill drilled home the importance of a coach’s ability to interact with his room, especially the core players.’

Report: Reaction to medication sent Sabres’ Okposo to ICU

‘The Sabres kept quiet about specifics when it came to Okposo’s health, but later said the forward was undergoing several tests to determine what, exactly, was wrong.’

Botterill: My past experiences will help me in Buffalo

‘”It’s great having elite players [like the ones] they have here in Buffalo, but that allocates a lot of your salary cap. You have to find players, whether it’s entry-level guys from Europe developing from your own system or guys on the open market that are undervalued a little bit. You bring them in for a year or two and see how they produce.”‘

3 Stars

‘I wanted an economist… and I think this counts as a hit.’

Ryan O’Reilly wants more from himself, Sabres

‘”I thought it would be done quicker if it was to happen. That was my mindset,” he said. “I was more focused on my own game and what I could’ve really done differently. It wasn’t the year I wanted to have. Leadership-wise I wasn’t in the spot. I could’ve made some changes and been the guy. That’s what I’m really focused on.”‘

Ryan O’Reilly of Sabres already primed for 2018 Winter Classic

‘”What you hear about that, from the trainers and staff that were around for it, is it’s an amazing time,” said O’Reilly, who has played two seasons with the Sabres after starting his NHL career with the Colorado Avalanche. “To do it in New York around that time will be amazing. Everyone I talk to is really pumped for it. It’s great. It sells the game a lot. To get the chance to play outdoors is cool.”‘

Sabres hire Penguins’ Botterill as general manager

‘He has been dubbed a “key architect” of the Penguins’ championship teams in 2009 and 2016. Pittsburgh has reached the Eastern Conference finals again after eliminating Washington on Wednesday night.’

Mike Harrington: Botterill a solid choice, but he starts in hot seat as coach decision looms

‘As for Botterill, Sportsnet connected dots last weekend and said he might look right at Penguins assistant and longtime NHLer Rick Tocchet. And while you would think Tocchet would be a candidate, you would hope Botterill and Pegula would take time to interview candidates like Housley and Chicago assistant Kevin Dineen among others before making a choice.’

Mike Harrington: After strong first impression, time for Botterill to show executive skill

‘With so much to do at this point in their rebuild, you could easily say it’s a little goofy for the Sabres to hire another first-time general manager. Instead, they have installed a 40-year-old who is the second-youngest GM in the league — and it seems like a good call.’

Sabres’ Botterill brings Pegula’s ideals to life in introduction

‘“You can see he’s well-prepared,” Terry Pegula said. “It just shows by his track record.”’

Sabres get ‘No. 1 pick’ in Botterill, Penguins’ GM says

‘“The best way to sum it up is Jason is a No. 1 pick as a general manager,” Penguins GM Jim Rutherford said Thursday on “The Instigators” on WGR-AM 550. “He’s a first-rounder all the way.”’