Zadorov says he’s learned his lesson

‘“It was tough,” he said. “I made a couple mistakes this year off the ice, and it’s all maturity. I’m not going to make them anymore.”’

Sabres GM Tim Murray challenges Nikita Zadorov to grow up

‘“Be more mature, don’t be a kid anymore,” he said. “It’s a men’s league. It’s all the pros, just keep it simple.”’

Nolan was in lose-lose situation

‘Despite having the worst roster in the league, the Sabres played hard for Nolan. With a good percentage of fans — and some members of the Western New York media — openly rooting for the Sabres to lose, they didn’t lock up last place in the standings until the second-to-last night of the regular season.’

Inside the tank: Sabres reporter recalls horrific, surreal season

‘Poor Ted was in the worst position possible.’

If Sabres don’t win lottery, here’s who should

‘Thirteen other teams — perish the thought — have a chance to win the lottery too. Here’s who this Sabres fan would root for from that batch, in reverse order…’.

Sabres Captain Brian Gionta Comments on Firing of Ted Nolan

‘”You go out and play hard for a bunch of reasons…Nobody wanted the coaches to get fired. Being in the business for as long as we have, we know it’s an unfortunate result of where we finished.” Gionta continues “We battled hard, we had ourselves in 90% of those games, but unfortunately for certain reasons we didn’t come out on top.”‘

Wednesday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks’ Mark Pysyk given the go-ahead to return (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Pysyk looks to make his return Friday (WGR-AM)

As Sabres start shopping, coaching candidates abound

‘“We’re not going to put a timetable on it,” General Manager Tim Murray said. “If I get a call out of the blue and it’s so-and-so and he’d like to interview and he comes across as a great interview and he’s got pedigree and everything else and you have to make a snap decision, then that may happen.”‘

Nolan knew job security was not part of the deal

‘Yes, Nolan was set up to fail this season. It’s not even open to debate. Murray tore down the roster long before the season began and continued his demolition as the season carried along. He traded away his top two goaltenders. He said all the right things while massaging his roster to lose just enough without making it obvious.’

Kaleta hoping to stay in blue and gold

‘“This organization, my teammates and the Buffalo Sabres crest means so much to me that it’s hard for me to explain,” Kaleta said in First Niagara Center. “I would do anything to be back here next year and for years to come.”’

Ted Nolan’s fate sealed when ‘tank’ became goal

‘I believe he’s a good guy and a good coach — he’s won at the major, junior and NHL levels. But it’s also true that dysfunction seems to follow him. Whether that’s bad luck, bad timing or his own bad decisions fuels plenty of bar stool debates.’

Plenty of interesting names could be available to coach Sabres

‘What is Murray looking for in his next coach? “I haven’t thought of that,” he said. “Certainly, in a perfect world, it would be somebody we have a good relationship and respect each other and communicate with each other, if not every day, on a regular basis. I think that’s what every GM wants.”’

Sabres’ Josh Gorges feels players’ professionalism suffered

‘“We’re not going to go through this again,” he said. “The way things happened, we won’t accept it as players. I’m sure the coaches won’t accept it – management, everybody. We need to change the way the culture is here. We understand what happened this year and trying to get our future put in place, but now it’s time to take a step forward.”‘

No more ‘suffering’ for Buffalo Sabres’ fans

‘“The fans understood what we were going through,” added center Tyler Ennis. “It wasn’t always pretty, but look at what other cities had to go through with their rebuilding process.”’

Tough spot

‘Nolan is who he is and I have plenty of respect for him. The job of NHL coach has changed a lot since he was last here. Analyzing your opponent, exploiting their weakness while hiding yours. Match ups and zone starts matter. They matter to Tim Murray. Nolan to me sealed his fate when he was openly dismissive of this sort of thing. It doesn’t have to be your area expertise. It isn’t mine. I still struggle to interpret many of the charts I see posted online. I need my coach to be paying attention to any and all information that will help make the team better. Ignoring it is fine for a fan, that’s your choice. Being confused by it for me, while somewhat embarrassing, I can live with though I’m working on it. For the coach of the team? Unacceptable.’