Steven Stamkos stakes heating up as NHL suitors begin feeling-out process

‘“Somebody else on your roster either has to pay the price or you have to walk away from other really good free agents,” he said. “You have to allocate your money. If you draft well and you draft players that can give you 2-2ø years under an entry-level system and he’s a real good player, that negates finding those $4 million guys that don’t allow you to pay $12 million to a certain player. You have to allocate the money, draft well, have entry-level guys.”’

Austin Osmanski’s selection by Sabres emotional

‘If Osmanski wants to make it to the NHL someday, he knows he must improve his skating. “If I can figure out the skating part, I think I’ll be in pretty good shape,” he said.’

The many angles of the Pysyk for Kulikov trade

‘It was not a surprise to the WGR staff that Pysyk was traded. Paul Hamilton had reported for months that not all of the Sabres’ brass were on board with Pysyk being a part of the long-term future. After Murray was hired, Pysyk was thrown in Rochester after playing top-pair minutes the previous season under Ron Rolston and Ted Nolan.’

Sabres thrilled with draft weekend accomplishments

‘“There’s excitement about building this team and where we’ve gone and what we’re doing,” coach Dan Bylsma said. “It gets me excited about what kind of team we can be next year.”’

Second time’s the charm for Fitzgerald

‘“I’m mad at Casey for stopping at the New Jersey table first,” Sabres coach Dan Bylsma joked. “Tom and I were on the coaching staff together in Pittsburgh for a year, so I know Casey. More than anyone in the draft, I’ve seen him play quite a bit. I was excited to see Casey’s name go up. … He was a guy that was at New Jersey’s development camp last year and was one of their better players. I think it’s a good opportunity for us to scoop him up.”’

East Aurora’s Osmanski staying home, picked by Sabres in seventh round

‘“He’s one of my best friends,” Osmanski said of Nylander. “I texted him last night. He’s already amazed by the city and stuff like that. He actually texted me today before the draft and said good luck. Last night I came to watch him and he said hopefully Buffalo picks both of us. He kinda called it, right?”’

Murray upgrades Sabres arsenal for on-ice battles

‘Pu scored 12 goals and 31 points in 63 games last year with the Memorial Cup Champion London Knights. He’s a 6-foot-1 scoring center who has played a secondary role on a team full of first-round talent.’

Sabres start Day Two of NHL Draft with trade featuring Pysyk, Kulikov

‘Kulikov is a 25-year-old, left-handed defenseman who is known to play in his own zone. He had one goal and 17 assists in 74 games last season. He will be an unrestricted free after this season and will make $4.33 million.’

In dealing Pysyk, Murray continues pattern of shipping away Regier’s high draft picks

‘Today’s trade of Mark Pysyk to Florida for Dmitry Kulikov marks the eight first- or second-round choice made by Regier that Murray has dealt away since he took over in January, 2014. The rundown looks like this…’.

Murray, Sabres hoping for a huge catch in Stamkos

‘The Sabres and Leafs both look ready to go to outrageous levels, perhaps $11-12 million a year on a seven-year deal, to lure Stamkos. It would be the highest annual haul in league history, topping the $10.5 million Chicago is giving Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. That’s a huge risk, given Stamkos’ clots. In a couple of years, it could be an albatross contract the likes of which no one has ever seen, sentencing this summer’s “winner” to cap jail long before their accomplishments on the ice merit.’

Sabres fan allegedly finds Tampa Bay Lightning draft strategy in downtown hotel

‘The following image started circulating on social media Friday and was traced back to the Tampa Bay Lightning, who own the draft picks referenced on the sheet.’

Sabres’ Bylsma likes teaching skills of new assistant; change at video coach

‘Bylsma has also changed video coaches. While he wouldn’t say who has replaced Corey Smith, a mainstay since the Lindy Ruff era, a source says the new hire is Adam Nightingale. The 36-year-old was the director of hockey operations and video coordinator at Michigan State and is the brother of Jason Nightingale, the Sabres’ coordinator of analytic-related hockey evaluation.’

Enough opinions about the Pegula/MSG deal to fill a doughnut box

‘Sources say the deal has a rights fee averaging between $19 million and $20 million annually, which adds up to more than $200 million over its length. Terry Pegula reportedly paid $189 million to buy the team in 2011. Of course, $200 million these days is enough for long-term deals with four players the quality of Sabre Ryan O’Reilly. He signed a seven-year deal for $52.5 million a year ago.’

Sabres waiting for facts in latest Kane incident

‘“I’ve heard the stories,” Murray said in First Niagara Center. “The very first part of it that came out didn’t sound very good. The stuff I’ve heard since is from people that have made statements that night that they say they didn’t make statements.’

3 S’s highlight Sabres draft: Skill, speed and Swedes

‘”We drafted skill,” general manager Tim Murray said. “We drafted skill and speed. We drafted offensive instincts.”‘