Sabres’ next bosses have a lot to fix on the ice

‘“We relied on our goalies way too much this year,” defenseman Zach Bogosian said. “They played well. They gave us chances to win basically on a nightly basis. We just didn’t get it done as a group, as a team – defense corps, forwards, everyone.’

Murray knew he needed to find Sabres’ perfect fit

‘Murray didn’t “do this again” the next year, but it was just two years later. Communication in the organization hadn’t improved with Dan Bylsma behind the bench. In some cases – most notably player relations – it got worse.’

Tim Graham’s Power Take: Thank you, Russ Brandon

‘Executive sources say the Sabres’ business practices have improved under Brandon, who brought an NFL mentality to what Mario Lemieux once called “a garage league.” A mix of executives from football and hockey — COO Bruce Popko, Frank Cravotta (creative services), Chuck LaMattina (finance), Erica Muhleman (business development), Mark Preisler (media and content), Brent Rossi (marketing) — have represented WNY well.’

Blues fans shouldn’t take good hockey for granted

‘While the Blues have managed to retool on the fly and remain competitive — reaching postseason play six years in a row — the Sabres demonstrated how NOT to build teams.’

Is Sam Reinhart living up to his draft status?

‘His work paid off as he was Buffalo’s best player in front of the net with screens and tips. In his second season, Reinhart participated in very few of the extra workout and his attitude changed too. He acted like he had made it and became pretty arrogant in his demeanor and interviews. Only after he had to sit out a game for being late, did he become a regular after practice again. I think he had three tipped goals all season and wasn’t a force in front until late in the season.’

Columbus’ Bill Zito added to list of potential Sabres GMs

‘Zito has been with the Blue Jackets since 2013 and has seen the franchise reach the postseason in two of the past four years, including this season.’

Sabres general manager search is underway

‘During his press conference, owner Terry Pegula was asked if the next general manager would have experience in contrast to Tim Murray, who served as the assistant general manager for the Ottawa Senators and also ran their AHL affiliate prior to joining the Sabres. “I would say that’s probably a safe assumption,” Pegula told reporters Friday. “Experience is going to be key.” Pegula also admitted he wished he had been more involved with the hiring process three years ago.’

Report: Okposo showing major signs of improvement

‘Baker added that Okposo is expected to return next season. In 65 games this season, Okposo has 45 points [19G, 26A].’

Don’t expect me to criticize Bills, Sabres owners

‘It’s interesting how your perspective changes when the newsmaker is somebody you know.’

Lombardi has red flags Pegula needs to study closely

‘The Kings were completely hamstrung by Lombardi’s deals.’

The Sabres’ next GM must bring in the right coach — and fix the culture

‘It’s a hire the GM has to get right. Eichel has too much talent to waste. If the right coach doesn’t help Eichel maximize his skill, he’ll find himself following Hall in another dubious manner: by being traded.’

Sabres looking for general manager, coach again

‘But the biggest challenge in Buffalo? Regaining the fans’ trust in the franchise. The Sabres have one of the NHL’s most loyal fan bases, but fans have been fooled into believing that the team is going to have long-term success.’

Buffalo sports = a hamster wheel

‘I’m not bothered by the house cleaning. I don’t think it sets the Sabres back another five years as some of you might. It’s very simple, it all comes down to hiring the right people to build your organization. This is where the story can become scary though.’

Report: Sabres looking for “new blood” with next GM hire

‘It doesn’t mean there isn’t a guy out there with experience but young enough to relate younger players on the roster, while understanding the importance culture (as Pegula hit on multiple times during his press conference on Friday) and building a winning team.’

Pegula adamant about adding discipline, character to Sabres’ organization

‘“Those things are all something you need in your leaders so they are able to judge and look for the same characteristics in players and employees that work for your organization,” Pegula said. “You’ve got to have character throughout the organization, on the ice, and they have to be in a disciplined, structured environment where everybody knows what everybody’s doing and everybody’s talking. That’s how you win.”’