Ticket talk: How dynamic are the Sabres’ new approaches?

‘While I don’t particularly like either change, folks who don’t get outside the 716 much need to understand the Sabres are not reinventing the wheel in these cases either. Both moves are becoming the norm in professional sports.’

Sabres’ box office ticket prices will fluctuate based on demand

‘As tickets are purchased, the price may either rise or fall based on demand, according to the team.’

Tyler Ennis suffered through a long, dark season with his concussions in Buffalo

‘Ennis admitted he was scared. He couldn’t drive and needed people to shuttle him to the rink. The forecast was certainly gloomy with some breaks of sunlight over the final three months of the season. He did get into some practices in April with the team.’

Sabres Announce New Dynamic Ticket Pricing Structure

‘”The new pricing plan was developed through a partnership with Qcue, a dynamic pricing company that has previously partnered with several other sports and entertainment organizations. The plan categorizes each game into one of three pricing tiers to determine the initial box office ticket price for individual game tickets. Games are categorized based on the opponent, time of the year, day of the week, classic rivalries and games against marquee players.”‘

Winger Kyle Okposo the ‘elder statesman’ with Sabres

‘”I’m not old, but it feels old when you walk in the room,” he said. “You’ve got a lot of 20 and 21 year old staring back at you. Just try to get some experience and do what I can to help out.”‘

Sabres announce new dynamic ticket pricing structure

‘The team also announced that single-game tickets for the 2016-17 regular season will go on sale on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. Tickets for the team’s 2016 preseason home games will go on sale today at 10. a.m. Buffalo will play two home games during the preseason: Sept. 27 vs. Ottawa and Sept. 30 vs. Toronto.’

Tuesday’s Rochester Coverage

Friday will be Hockey Night in Rochester for Amerks (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Amerks announce 2016-17 regular season schedule (Amerks.com)

Few came off well during Vesey Watch

‘The circus tents that surrounded Vesey were pitched outside of Buffalo. The Sabres never really had a chance in this race and, from an outside view, the amount of tampering that had to be taking place in recent weeks looks ridiculous.’

Vesey chooses Rangers over Sabres, other suitors

‘”The thing that jumped out to me was they really wanted me and really needed to have me in their lineup,” Vesey said in a conference call with New York reporters Friday night.’

Jimmy Vesey signs with Rangers

‘Vesey might be gambling by choosing the Rangers, a strong but aging team whose young talent isn’t on par with the other clubs. However, they met both of his reported demands: playing time and an East Coast locale.’

Sabres lose out on Vesey, forward signs with Rangers

‘The New York Rangers announced Vesey had decided to sign with blue shirts, ending the saga.’

Eichel left speechless by Ed Reed

‘Not only did Reed seem to know who he was, he was wearing a Sabres jersey with Eichel’s name on the back. “That was probably one of the cooler things for me. He’s probably one of the best safeties of all time. To see him wearing my jersey was kind of cool. I was taken aback by that one,” he said.

Vesey signs with the Rangers

‘Vesey, 23, was a former third round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft of the Nashville Predators. After playing four years of college hockey at Harvard, Vesey decided to take the free agent route and explore his options for his NHL future.’

Vesey has decided on the New York Rangers

‘You only have 50 contracts and you can’t sign everybody. Picks are currency and Tim Murray wanted the chance to speak to Vesey in person to try to sell the Buffalo Sabres. By owning his rights he also got to speak with Vesey personally at least twice.’

Vesey chooses Rangers, but Sabres have plenty to be excited about

‘If you’re annoyed, It’s totally warranted — but just think about how exciting it was to watch Eichel, Renihart and O’Reilly last season. As a matter of fact, the Sabres top-six will look at a lot different this year than it did just a few years ago.’