Reminder of what’s out there


‘The point is that this building is a symbol of perhaps the biggest obstacle standing between Buffalo and sports supremacy: Lifestyle. After a week in this palace I don’t see how the Sabres could ever convince a top player to come to Buffalo. There simply is no place in our area remotely like this building and its surrounding scene. Now I offer the nervous, ostensibly unnecessary disclaimer that I love living in Western New York. When I got home Sunday I cherished the green grass outside, and the lack of continuing sirens that for the previous five nights had disrupted my sleep. But I’m not a 26-year-old single millionaire athlete with a seeming neverending supply of great restaurants and attractive women at my disposal. You know, if that’s what you’re into. Sure, a married guy with a young family is perhaps better suited to suburban life and less tempted by a pad in a chic skyscraper. And those guys are out there. Players will have different tastes. But to win in free agency, you have to beat all the other teams to get your guy. And right now, if we’re talking about a star for the Sabres that feels to me simply impossible.’