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AP Source: Sabres fire assistants Patrick, Adams

‘Both Patrick and Adams were holdovers from Ruff’s tenure, and were both responsible for working behind the bench.’

Two Sabres assistants fired; Numminen to remain

‘Patrick was an assistant for six years under former long-time head coach Lindy Ruff, while Adams was brought on in 2011 with no clear role but eventually became a full-fledged assistant.’

Sabres making changes in coaching ranks

‘Bucky Gleason claims that Teppo Numminen will be retained by Rolston.’

Marcus Foligno and Flawed Expectations

‘Instead of asking Marcus Foligno to be a reliable scorer, we should ask him to be Steve Ott – a high energy, defensive-minded, puck-possessing hitter who can score a little and drive opponents insane. Did he do that in 2013? Yes. As much as his ceiling suggests? No. But for a rookie season, to provide those things and some scoring was a success and should give the organization a positive feeling about where he’d headed.’

Sabres can get a stud at #8 in the draft

‘The Sabres have two picks(8 and 16) in the top twenty in what is considered to be the deepest draft in the last ten years.’

Foligno, Stafford seek turnarounds after off years

‘“I had an expectation for myself to carry over from the previous two years and continue to have production goal-scoring-wise,” Stafford said. “It just wasn’t there this year.”’

Rolston hired because he’s no threat

‘Elevating Rolston ensures the team’s insular nature. There can be no critical outside voice, no competing hockey vision. By making Rolston the prince of the realm, Regier attaches the crown more securely to his own head. It’s a predictably uninspired move by a tough-talking outfit whose actions come off as strictly small time.’

Sabres Myers will do everything in his power to be ready next season

‘“The bottom line is I have to be a lot better and I’m going to do everything in my power to be as ready as possible coming into next season” Myers said.’

Rolston’s real test – Unleashing Potential

‘In my opinion, it comes down to three players more than any other.’

Ron Rolston introduced as Sabres’ permanent coach

‘“The transition was quick, but when you put yourself in situations, this doesn’t come overnight,” Rolston said. “It’s a process where it’s been 23 years coaching, and it’s a profession, it’s a passion.”‘

Regier’s plan had Rolston coming back all along

‘In two-plus years since Terry Pegula purchased the franchise, management took a team that was a few players away from becoming a Stanley Cup contender and turned it into a small-time operation. They keep selling, and people keep buying whether it’s ownership or an apologetic minority of the fan base or, in this case, both.’

Jeanneret to return for another season behind the microphone

‘“I’m doing pretty good for an old guy,” said Jeanneret. “I have 70-year-old aches and pains.”’

Buffalo Sabres name Ron Rolston head coach

‘“Starting with when he took over, I was very impressed with the work that he did,” Regier said.’

New coach Rolston quickly convinced Sabres he was their man

‘“It became more and more evident that he was a very good fit, not only for the present, but for the future,” Regier said inside the First Niagara Center in announcing Rolston’s hiring.’

One ugly circle

‘The reason that Terry Pegula keeps Darcy Regier is because Regier has learned how to keep the seats filled while still showing a profit. The NHL, just like any other sports league, is a business. Terry Pegula can say that he doesn’t care if he loses money with the Sabres, but he has found out the hard way that it matters a lot.’