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Islanders blank struggling Sabres 4-0

‘”The work is there. The care is there. Right now it’s just the psyche part,” Rolston said. “It’s important for them to stay on and stay with and stay positive.”‘

Four score

‘The Sabres are now 6-12-1 this season and have dropped their last four games. The loss puts Buffalo in the Eastern Conference basement with just 13 points in 19 games played this season.’

The life and times of Lindy Ruff

By PASabreFan

BUFFALO — Darcy Regier sits down on the couch in Lindy Ruff’s living room. Before Darcy can open his mouth, Lindy says, “I know.” In an unexpected reversal of roles at a time like this, the employee tries to console the boss, reminding him how many times he could have been fired in the past, if not for his loyalty.
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New coach, new challenge for Sabres

‘“It’s nothing against Ron. It’s just different. It’s going to take a little time for everyone.”’

Ruff expresses his gratitude to fans, players, owners

‘“I know there’s a thank you outside on the fence,” he said, referring to handmade letters taped near the doors of the arena that spelled out, “Thank U Lindy.” “I’d like to put my thank you right next to it because it’s a special group. It’s a place that I call home, I always will call home.”’

Ruff grateful to Sabres, plans to coach again

‘He led practice Wednesday. But when general manager Darcy Regier came to Ruff’s home that afternoon, his close friend didn’t have to say a word. “I saw him, I said, ‘I know,’” Ruff said. “I said, ‘Don’t say you’re sorry.’ I said, ‘You’ve been my biggest backer all these years.’”’

Sabres’ Rolston: ‘We’re the team that blinks first’

‘He added: “In this league, if you have even a short span of a couple of shifts where you don’t execute, that can be the difference in a game. A lot of times that’s been the case here.”’

Ruff Continues To Be A Class Act

‘”The reason a coach has success is because he has players who play for him,” said Ruff. “From Day 1, wondering if a young coach could get through it, if the group could believe in how we wanted to play. We came very close to capturing what we wanted to capture.”‘

Saturday’s New York Coverage

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As a Fired Coach Reels, So Do Fans in Buffalo

‘But on Thursday, radio-show callers said that even though they have long expected Ruff to be fired, the reality was “like a punch in the gut,” as one caller put it. A new consensus formed: yes, Ruff had to go, but he was a good man who gave his all for the Sabres.’

Fired Lindy Ruff was master at in-game adjustments

‘”He was one of those coaches who, if you made adjustments during the game, he would quickly make his own. We would try and use the middle of the ice and he’d adjust to take it away. You had to say, ‘OK, what’s next? It was a always a battle,” said one coach.’

Ruff has itch to coach after being fired by Sabres

‘In making his first public statements Friday since being dismissed, the Sabres’ winningest coach misses the job already, and loves the game too much to leave it.’

Right time to say goodbye to Ruff

‘It’s not fair to blame Ruff for all of the Sabres’ struggles over the last several years, but at a certain point somebody has to absorb the blame or else it’ll look like the team tolerates losing. Even in a hockey-crazed town like Buffalo, it’s important for an owner — especially a new one — to prove to his fan base that winning is at the top of his to-do list. Firing a popular coach like Ruff sends that message, even if it was a tough call to let go of him in the middle of a season.’

Vanek eager to show world Austria is more than Mozart

‘Vanek, one of three Austrian-born players currently in the NHL, is easily the most decorated ice hockey player in the small country’s history and will be counted on to lead his homeland in Russia next year.’

Ruff is not bitter

‘“I felt and I think you guys sensed that after Winnipeg, the frustration and I answered those questions honestly. I was embarrassed, I did see apprehension. I saw us going in the right direction against Boston, against Pittsburgh and to take that step back against Winnipeg was like a kick in the gut for me. You guys saw it, I felt it.”’