Sabre players are still in shock


‘“Shocked, I didn’t see it coming. I think yesterday was just a tough day for everybody. Obviously we weren’t happy with the way we played the night before. We show up at the rink to get back to work, had some meetings just like we usually do and go on the ice for practice and we get one of our guys pulled off the ice and told that he’s put on waivers then head to the bus after practice and it was just our normal bus time, nothing had changed and Lindy showed up and he started talking to us, but I think at that point, we weren’t too sure what he was gonna say or what he was about to say and once he hopped off the bus, then that’s when we realized that changes were on the way and were made. We all said ‘Wait a second, we all have got to go out there and see him’ and it was pretty emotional for everyone.”’