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Sabres’ Ott hopes charity game wows fans

‘“Guys are using this as (training),” Ott said by phone Wednesday. “I mean, who knows, we could be playing a real game in a week or even the following week? Guys are using this as a great skate, a great time, a chance to show off what they have, skills for the fans.”‘

Sabres’ Miller has long history of displaying passion

‘“We don’t want to go down the same path we went to last time and always end up with another situation where they want to lock us out. It can’t be every single time we negotiate, ‘Oh, we’re going to lock the players out.’ We have to build the game. We have to have respect for the fans, and it’s too much.”’

Bettman: Everything’s Off The Table

‘Bettman then held a 45-minute press conference in which he expressed the league’s frustrations with the players. The commissioner said the owners put an extra $100 million on the table than they had before, but the players’ reaction was “shockingly silent.’

Friday’s Rochester Coverage

Rochester Amerks try to focus, tune out any NHL lockout news (Rochester D&C)

Jason Pominville: “I look forward to the time in Mannheim!”

‘The last days were of course very exciting for me and my family. Primarily had to travel with our two children are planned. But it all went well and I am very happy to now be a part of the Adler Mannheim. I’ve heard a lot of Mannheim and look forward to my time here.;

“If, then only Mannheim”

‘Pominville appears to be set to a stay until end of season. His wife, Kim, and their two children Jayden and Kaylee he has certainly been brought. He had no idea how long the lockout could drag on. Pending agreement definitely had some more work to be done. “Now my focus but again fully on the hockey games,” said Pominville. He is a player who has such qualities in offensive and defensive bring with it was accustomed to stand at key stages on the ice.’

Pominville is looking forward to his Eagle debut

‘”I understood only the word Playstation”, Jason Pominville told candidly at the press conference on the 30-year-old was yesterday unveiled as the latest addition to the Mannheim Adler. Manager Teal Fowler had explained the significance of the transfer “. Far, the young players like Mirko Höfflin Jason knew just on the Playstation.”‘

Sabres go back to ‘school’ during NHL lockout

‘Ruff taught a class explaining how he gets his defenseman involved in an offensive rush.’

Long NHL sessions bring hope

‘The NHL Players’ Association made a proposal in the afternoon, according to multiple reports. The league countered early in the evening, according to’

Sabres’ Leopold ‘cautiously optimistic’ CBA meetings moving process forward

‘“The general consensus is there was some dialogue,” Leopold said. “Hopefully, it can move us forward, and that’s what you can hope for at this time. Yeah, (I’m) cautiously optimistic as always. I guess if the reports were true, that there was some good dialogue.”’

Progress seen as NHL talks go long

‘Tuesday’s meetings were different in that the leaders of the parties, Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr, were on the sidelines while new faces participated.’

NHL dispute needs binding arbitration

‘I’m starting to view the NHL the way I do a pet fish. If it dies, I’ll flush it down the toilet and move on with my life. You might say there are other fish in the sea. The NHL is loaded with sharks.’

Sabres’ prospects junior camp bound

‘Jake McCabe (United States), Mikhail Grigorenko (Russia) and Zemgus Girgensons (Latvia) have been selected to their country’s tryout camps for the under-20 tournament, which begins Dec. 26 in Russia. Girgensons is playing for the Rochester Americans, and it’s possible he will stay with the club rather than fly overseas.’

Ott plays for fans, charity

‘“I would never have this opportunity, probably in my whole career, to put on a charity game like this,” Ott said. “We’re all fans of hockey.”‘

Why Would NHL Players Decertify?

‘“Things like a salary cap, restrictions on free agency, rookie pay, the draft, all these things are anti- trust or competition law violations” Macramalla said. “ They’re actually unlawful but they’re inside the four corners of the CBA and the CBA acts as a protective bubble for the NHL. Decertification is the pin that blows up that protective bubble. The players can go ahead and sue the NHL for all these anti-trust violations.“’