Sabres Mike Robitaille Not Used To Having No Hockey

Via: Utica Observer Dispatch

‘”Here’s what I miss with the ‘lockout’, Mike tells. “I’m very comfortable driving at night, the radio turned on and I’d pick up a game from Chicago or Montreal”. For Mike, 64, radio and hockey has always been an important partnership. This comes from being part of an 11 sibling family. Robitaille’s voice climbs an octave in excitement when thinking back to when being a child and laying in bed at night uder the covers, with his transistor radio on the third floor of their home, and picking up broadcasts of Fort Wayne ( Indiana ) Komets games . “These guys, in my mind were bigger than life. Many of them never made it to the NHL but they were heroes of mine”, says Robitaille, a veteran of 382 NHL games with the Rangers, Sabres, Red Wings, and Canucks.’