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French Connection to be honored with statue at First Niagara Center

‘The statue will be part of a larger ‘Alumni Plaza,’ which is in the planning stages and will be set in the plaza directly outside of the arena. A special unveiling of the statue will take place on Oct. 12 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the French Connection first playing together in 1972.’

McNabb working hard to beat roster odds

‘”I think it is [ready],” he said. “I played 25 [games with Buffalo] last year and I felt really good. I’ve been working really hard this offseason and I’m ready for the challenge.”‘

‘Flashy’ Sabres prospect Gauthier-Leduc can pile up goals

“I have to get bigger and stronger, and I’m still working on my defensive game,” said Gauthier-Leduc, who’s 6-foot-2 and 194 pounds.’

Shoulder surgery knocks ex-Sabre Roy out until November

‘Roy, who hurt his shoulder last preseason, played through the ailment, only missing time in training camp. While he was cleared medically to be dealt, an “intense” physical in Dallas revealed the shoulder injury, according to the paper.’

McNabb aiming to make Sabres outright

‘”That’s not what I want,” McNabb said. “I’m gonna try and expect to be in the NHL and try and be there. So, I’m gonna go forward with it. But if I am, I’m just gonna work hard if I do get sent down there.”‘

Adam starts fresh

‘”It was just one of those slumps guys get in, I guess, and I couldn’t get the bounces I needed,” he said. “It was just little things, maybe one inch there, one inch there from maybe having 20 goals instead of the three or four I had [in Rochester].”‘

Sabres rookie Zemgus Girgensons impresses at camp

‘“It’s something in me, something my heart’s going to say,” he said after Monday’s session. “It’s just my own decision. I don’t want anyone pushing me.”’

Sabres prospect Girgensons possesses strong leadership qualities

‘“It’s his will to win and his competitive drive, and his ability to understand what is needed to be done for a hockey club,” said Montgomery, a veteran of 122 NHL games over 12 professional seasons. “Obviously, everyone continues to become better as they grow old and they learn. But he learned and watches other people. Like, if he’s in Buffalo, he’s going to watch (captain) Jason Pominville, how he conducts himself and what he says. He’s going to learn from it.”’

Best friends reunited

‘“They also know how hard he plays. We need those types of players in Buffalo.”‘

Ott prepares for new challenge with Sabres

‘“The adjustment (from east to west) will be phenomenal,” said Ott, who had 233 points in 174, games with the Spitfires from 1999-2002. “In the west, there’s a lot of travel. Playing in Dallas, you travel about 49,000 miles a year. Now being in Buffalo, I’ll probably cut that in half. In the east, I’ll also get to play some new teams. I’m sure the team in the west got tired of my antics anyway, so it’ll be nice to get a fresh start and to be able to build a new reputation is cool.”’

Regier on Doan, Semin and Trades

‘Toward the end of the conversation, Regier confirmed that he’s still exploring trade options that may involved giving up prospects for “signature” players, saying, “I can tell you, we’re doing the work to do that. To the extent it hasn’t happened, it isn’t because of efforts and the efforts will continue.”‘

Top picks growing together at Sabres D-Camp

‘Just two days in, the partnership displays obvious talent which made them first round selections in the first place. Armia likes the way things have been going. “Of course great,” he said. “They’re really talented players and good with the puck so I like to play with them.”‘

Sabres Train With Navy SEALs

‘Luke Adam said that he will take away more from the Navy Seals than just the physical toughness as a hockey player, “I don’t know if its as much as (improving) as a hockey player but (more so) as a person.” Adam said the SEALs were tough on the guys and reminded him of a bit of his past, “It’s almost like mom, make your bed properly, clean the bedroom, clean up after yourself. It’s a lot of mental training,” Adam said.’

Sabres’ first-round picks paired at development camp

‘“Nothing’s been clarified yet. We’ll see what happens after camp. I don’t know,” he said. “That’s something I’ve got to talk through this week. I think it will be my own decision. No one’s pushing me, but it’s something I have to decide. … It’s something in me, what my heart’s going to say.”’

For Sabres’ prospects, it’s no day at the beach

‘“It was a tough morning, but it’s also good. It’s a good opportunity to push yourself, and this is the type of stuff that brings teams together,” forward Corey Tropp said. “I don’t know if two weeks ago I’d tell you that I’d be jumping in the lake at 5 in the morning, but it was fun. It was a good time … maybe good time is an overstatement. But it was a good bonding experience. It’ll be good for all the guys. It will help us come together, and show some of the younger guys how hard you actually do have to work, and how hard it is.”’