Sabres Regier joins Schopp and the Bulldog


‘When it comes to free agency the Sabres traded for the rights and then signed Ehrhoff and after July 1st signed Ville Leino. Leino didn’t work out in year one, but Regier is still hopeful, “What Ville has going for him is he’s a very competitive person and he’s a fearless player and he can hold on to pucks so the fit wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t as good as we thought it could be or as he thought it could be, but in the end he’s a highly competitive guy that loves to play in pressure situations and just the finish wasn’t there so we’ve got some work to do.” Will Leino remain at wing? Regier said, “I think so, one of the things going into the trade deadline and even into the draft into the off season I would like to be in a position where we can strengthen our center position. If Ennis stays in the middle which it looks right now that he will and Hodgson is in the middle it’s an area where we want to add a centerman with size.”’