Sabres Ruff thought Martin did well


‘Ruff worked with Cunneyworth for many years when he was teaching and molding the Sabres prospects. Ruff said, “He’s good with the players, he’s got a good rapport, he’s a player’s coach and I think that’s what our business is, you go from a guy that’s easy to a guy that’s hard to a guy that’s easy and you find maybe a better way to relate to some players. I think that’s what they’re looking at and Randy’s a good man. I’m sure he’ll do a good job, but it’s not going ot be easy and you can ask the guys that have taken over the jobs and the guys that have left so Randy’s going to have his hands full. I think he welcomes the opportunity, he’s a good coach, he’s great with the players and I think he’ll do a good job.”’