Tuesday’s Montreal Coverage

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Sabres sharp in shootout (Montreal Gazette)
Canadiens sat back, Cole says (Montreal Gazette)
Markov takes major step in his recovery (Montreal Gazette)
Enroth gets the job done (Montreal Gazette)
Sabres still rattled by Lucic hit on Miller (Montreal Gazette)
Canadiens VP Gilmore has tough crowd to please (Montreal Gazette)
Photo gallery (Montreal Gazette)
Falling energy (Le Journal de Montreal)
Young overwhelmed (Le Journal de Montreal)
Even the wounded (Le Journal de Montreal)
“It opens the door to many things” – Jason Pominville (Le Journal de Montreal)
Lucic, the new enemy in Buffalo (Le Journal de Montreal)
The Canadiens defeated by the Sabres in a shootout (La Presse)
Desharnais: “We lost a point” (La Presse)
Gomez on the wing: a coach’s decision more than a medical (La Presse)
Markov back with his teammates (La Presse)
Sabres-Canadiens: the newsletter of Pierre Ladouceur (La Presse)
No suspension for Lucic (La Presse)
Lucic: Shanahan reply to comments “irresponsible” Sabres (La Presse)
The CH is given in its place (RDS.ca)
The CH bends 3-2 in a shootout against the Sabres (CP)
The Numbers Game – Nov. 14, 2011 (Canadiens.com)
Photo gallery (Canadiens.com)
Photo gallery (Sabres.com)
Photo gallery (AP)