Wednesday’s Montreal Coverage

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Goalie frustrates Canadiens with 40 saves (Montreal Gazette)
Gorges blames ‘mental lapse’ (Montreal Gazette)
Sabres are riding a wave of rich contracts (Montreal Gazette)
Adam off to quick start with Sabres (Montreal Gazette)
Miller a multi-dimensional guy (Montreal Gazette)
Photo gallery (Montreal Gazette)
The CH deserved better (Le Journal de Montreal)
“Their goalie was dominant” – Jacques Martin (Le Journal de Montreal)
“Our performance was deficient” – Brian Gionta (Le Journal de Montreal)
“Miller was fantastic” – Marc-Andre Gragnani (Le Journal de Montreal)
Luke Adam grandstanding (Le Journal de Montreal)
Is there a marker in the room? (Le Journal de Montreal)
Miller stands in front of the Canadian who bowed 3-1 (La Presse)
Gorges: “An error that has no right to commit” (La Presse)
The Sabres are like Canadian, according to Ruff (La Presse)
The Sabres and Myers wanted the same thing (La Presse)
Sabres-Canadiens: the newsletter of Pierre Ladouceur (La Presse)
Photo gallery (La Presse)
An effort marred by Miller (
Captain Pominville is unanimous (
Miller stands in front of the Canadian (CP)
A misleading score (Radio Canada)
Pominville, the designated captain (Radio Canada)
Habs hit rock bottom in loss to Sabres (Toronto Globe and Mail)
Shortchanged (
The numbers game (
Photo gallery (
Photo gallery (
Photo gallery (AP)