Vanek on a short business trip in Europe

Via: Graz Kleine Zeitung

‘So had his family come a little further. Vanek received on Monday from visiting his parents living in Graz and his brother living in Regensburg with his wife and child. Much time, however, the 27-year-old Styrian had not, the reunion was short. “It is work,” said Vanek, who had traveled like a bit earlier. Some coming events, including a visit to the U.S. Army hospital in Ramstein on Monday afternoon, training and three games in three cities in five days to fill the program. Vanek had the day after arriving from overseas to fight even with the jetlag. This conversion occurs on the larger ice surface in Mannheim. “This is difficult with the angles. When you come out of the corner and shoot the disc meter goes way off the mark,” said the striker. In Helsinki and Berlin, however, is played on the smaller ice surface, as in the NHL.’