Sabres survive the long plane ride


‘There was no sluggishness out there, “No it felt pretty good out there besides the ice is an ocean.” With that bigger ice surface Vanek said, “It will be different for us because we come out of corners back home and it’s a scoring chance where here you’re still a mile away, but I think it’s going to be fun, we’re a good skating team and we’ll get used to it pretty quick.” Lindy Ruff said, “You’ll see a little bit of difference in the game. Outside the dots you’ve got the extra 20 feet that the players can operate on, inside the dots you’re looking at the same. You treat the game the same from the dots in and make sure you’re trying to play on the inside because you usually play well. If you get caught on the outside and handling the puck, you can look pretty good, but you don’t get too much done so in our case it’s try to play our game on this ice.’