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Regier expects Sabres to be active in free agency

‘Calling it “both different and exciting,” Regier is confident the Sabres will have the chance to fill needs at forward and defense once free agency opens Friday.’

Pegula is making big impact on Sabres

‘"Terry and Kim were outstanding," Regehr said. "They offered on a couple different occasions to come up and talk with us and just meet with us face-to-face. We held them off [while trying to make a trade decision], but [Saturday] morning they decided to fly up and visit us."’

Sabres hope Kotalik can revive his 20-goal ways

‘”In today’s world, bad contracts -difficult contracts -they hamstring you for a long time,” Feaster said Saturday via cellphone from the draft floor. “They’re not easy to get out of. They’re not easy to move. It’s why you have to be judicious in the deals you sign.”‘

Catenacci not plucked until third round

‘"It was disappointing at first because I was told by my agent (Darren Ferris) that I would go in the first, or, at the latest, second round," said the speedy 18-year-old.’

Sabres nab Lieuwen in Saturday’s NHL draft

‘"I was at home kind of manning the computer with my family and everybody and I got the call," he said. "It’s pretty exciting to see everyone get excited and to be around everyone when that stuff happens."’

Pegula’s Actions Back up his Words

‘Still, the move for Regehr continues to reinforce what we already pretty much knew; Terry Pegula is not just talking the talk.’

Amerks president Lewis Staats reflects on sale

‘"Buffalo is coming into, probably as close as you can to an ideal situation, in my opinion. Even they would have had a challenge three years ago, in terms of the situation that was in place then. I believe that the three years that the three years of hard work, investment, and dedication that Curt Styres has put in to the city bodes well. Hopefully, there will be success for all the teams, the Amerks going forward and the Sabres and Knighthawks."’

Regehr likes what he sees in Sabres

‘"It took a little longer than we were hoping, but it’s done and real positive for us," Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier said at the NHL entry draft. "With the history that he has and the age he’s at, years ahead to play, I think he can really do a lot for our younger defensemen. … The fact that his size, the fact that he’s a left shot, I think it fits very well for us."’

Sabres draft the big Lepkowski

‘”I was very ecstatic. I was a Sabres fan ever since I can remember liking hockey,” Lepkowski said by phone. “It definitely makes it a lot more special being drafted by Buffalo. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”‘

Regehr accepts trade to Sabres

‘“It’s not just veteran leadership, it’s size and experience,” Regier said. “ … With the history he has and the age he’s at with years ahead to play, I think he can really do a lot for our younger defensemen.”’

Regehr leaves behind 12 memorable years in Calgary

‘“They said how much they real­ly enjoyed the city, the people, raising a family in Buffalo,” says Regehr, who, with wife Kristina, has one young son and another child due next month. “These are guys that I trust. There’s no reason for them to lie. They didn’t say anything bad whatsoever. That says a lot.”‘

Flames net much-needed salary cap relief

‘In Regehr, Feaster realizes the Flames gave up a shutdown defencemen other teams simply hate to play against. He also surrendered his assistant captain and one of the heaviest hitters in the league.’

Butler, Byron on cusp of making impact in NHL: GMs

‘“He’s a terrific person,” Regier told reporters in St. Paul. “A good player. Unfortunately, these are decisions you have to make . . . because of what you think are the needs. And Calgary was insistent on him being part of the deal. Chris Butler is an outstanding young man with, I think, tremendous upside in the league. Very good puck-mover, very good skater. And I think he’ll have a very good career.”’

Flames trade Regehr, sign Tanguay

‘Ridding themselves of Regehr’s $4.02-million cap hit and Kotalik’s $3-million gives the Flames some breathing room heading into free agency.’

Persistence sold Regehr on Sabres

‘”That was a big part of it,” Regehr said of the persistence of the Sabres group, which clearly pegged Regehr as a key part of moving forward. “It’s really flattering to anyone when someone is pursuing you like that. I warned them about northern Saskatchewan, the bugs and that. Terry said he had a place on the lake in the Adirondacks and the bugs are pretty bad, too. He seems to know what he’s getting himself into.”‘