Thoughts with Perreault and Robert


‘”Rico is an icon in Buffalo, you know it. He was as good off the ice as he was on the ice. The last memory the fans will ever have of the French Connection being together is when they skated out to greet Terry Pegula who had just purchased the team. Robert wouldn’t come back to the arena because of his battle with Larry Quinn. He is glad that final moment together happened, “We looked at the picture coming off on the ice and I wish it would’ve happened a long time ago, maybe at the beginning of the year where the fans could’ve enjoyed more of the 40th anniversary of the Sabres, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, but there was something written in a book somewhere above to bring us back here, especially me. You all know I had my feud with the Sabres over the years and to get us back together,(his voice trailed off as he started to sob) it was good.”‘