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Is price right for Lydman, Tallinder?

‘Lydman just finished a four-year deal that averaged $2.875 million, while Tallinder closed a four-year contract with an annual salary cap hit of $2.56 million. Lydman is 32 years old and Tallinder is 31. It’s safe to assume similar deals are in their future. It’s not safe to assume those dollars will come from Buffalo.’

Ennis needs to earn his keep

‘“I warned him on not being sure that he’s going to play here on the start of next season… Don’t assume that,” he said. “It’s not in a demeaning and condescending way; it’s in a hopeful, optimistic way because there are five months between now and then.”’

Sabres’ Stafford undaunted by struggles

‘"If you dwell on it, it can be distracting. All that kind of negative attitude can bring you down, can bring everyone else down. It’s something you need to try and stay positive and just try and work through it. That’s all you can do."’

Sabres need to ship out Connolly

‘Fans are fed up with Tiny Tim. Management is clearly disillusioned. From what I hear, several of his teammates are down on Connolly, too. Yes, he was coming back from a broken foot in the playoffs. But that’s no excuse. His play was flat and unspired, as it’s been during long stretches when he’s actually healthy.’

For Sabres, division title will wave from above

‘Two things seem destined to tarnish the legacy of this season, however. The first was the distance between the fans and their team. The locals were wary and skeptical from the outset, having been burned by the same faces before. The passion didn’t flow in Western New York until the opening home game of the playoffs. The second stain is the postseason itself. Though the outcomes were close, the six-game loss to Boston featured a regression by key players that triggered deep disappointment.’

Ruff’s Goal: ”Win a Stanley Cup for Buffalo”

‘Regier became almost emotional near the end of the press conference as he talked about how badly he felt for the fans, and he said its his responsibility to continue to improve the team that he believes continues to be on track to make another run at a Cup. He said if anything ever caused him to leave the game, it would be the difficulty of losing. You often don’t know it by his demeanor, but Regier is also a fierce competitor.’

Management Wraps Up Postseason

‘Buffalo is an extremely loyal organization, but changes need to be made on the coaching staff. The team has already picked up Ruff’s option for next year, but an assistant coach who can specialize on the power play is sorely needed. Without diving into a total roster examination right now, a power-play defenseman and a No. 1 center would make this team one to be reckoned with next year, including in the playoffs.’

Sabres would like more offense from Stafford

‘“There’s too many times inside of a game where he’s looking for something better,” Ruff said.’

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