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Ruff and ready: Sabres coach in upbeat mood

‘“I think the hope tank just got filled up again,” Ruff said, after holding a brief team meeting to give his players a day off from practice during a two-day break between games. “We hope our hope tank went up, and we’re hoping that we could raise the level of the doubt tank on the other side.”’

Sabres stay alive in series with 4-1 win

‘“They tried to send a message and we stood up to them,” Gaustad said. “That’s going to happen in a series. It’s physical. Just push back.”’

After 18 goalless games, Torres scratched

‘“There’s really not much to be said,” Torres, an unrestricted free agent almost certain to leave in July, said Friday morning. “I’m not scoring. I’m not doing what I’ve got to do to stay in the lineup. I wouldn’t play me, either. What can you do?”’

Sabres alive; fans still believe

‘"It looks like they came to play."’

Sabres send series back to Boston

‘”Now that they’ve seen our best game, they’re going to have to react to our best game.”‘

Gaustad sends message from the start

‘”He’s a good faceoff man and we’re pushing and shoving,” Gaustad said. “I thought the linesman leaned a little bit in his favor and not toward mine and that happens too. He’s going to be physical on me, I’m going to be physical right back.”‘

Grier shows the way with sheer force

‘”Griersy going down and sacrificing his body and taking one in the back of the head was a little bit scary,” said goalie Ryan Miller. “You don’t like to see it. I’m glad it mainly hit him in the helmet.”‘

Myers and Ennis are in this together

‘”We kind of have similar outlooks on everything, similar outlooks on hockey and life,” Ennis said. “We just keep each other pretty relaxed. We’re here to have fun, and we’re excited. We just want to play hard and win. We get along really well, like the same things and it’s been great so far. We just want to keep it going.”‘

Chara faces possible suspension for instigator penalty

‘According to NHL rules, an instigator call in the final five minutes of a game carries an automatic one-game suspension to the player and a $10,000 fine to that player’s coach.’

Breaking down the game

‘How about Tyler Ennis and Nathan Gerbe? They weren’t even here for seven-eighths of the season, and their energy helped light the fuse for Game Five.’

Obviously, Neale’s work is subpar

‘After four games, it is hard to be wild about Harry. The former CBC analyst has contributed as much in the playoffs as Tim Connolly. His biggest contribution probably is keeping his buddy Jeanneret around for a few seasons rather than retire.’

Buffalo Sabres dominate Bruins to extend series

‘”I was very satisfied with the effort of our guys,” Sabres goalie Ryan Miller said. “We competed hard in all areas, and we hung all night. That’s the kind of game you need to play to win in the playoffs, and that makes things interesting now.”‘

Finally, Sabres keep foot on gas

‘If nothing else on Friday, Buffalo finally seemed to grasp an important lesson — when a speedy, talented team meets up with one that’s more inclined to grind it out, the fast team needs to keep its wheels spinning. Always.’

Ennis makes presence felt again

‘The former first-round pick now leads the team in scoring with four points through five games, and more important, he keeps battling in places most don’t expect an undersized rookie to go.’

Mair provides much needed spark in win

‘”It was nice to get it early,” Mair said of the goal. “We were trying to get it hard on the forecheck and direct pucks to the net and I was able to beat him to the post and score on the wraparound.”‘