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eIce Bowl&#8217 game wins national honor

‘The outdoor hockey game held in Ralph Wilson Stadium was named the 2008 Sports Event of the Year by SportsBusiness Journal and SportsBusiness Daily. The two publications, which focus on the business of sports, announced the honor at the Sports Business Awards in New York City.’

Coyotes’ move would jeopardize Sabres’ ticket base

‘"It’s very important," Quinn says. "Anywhere from 20 to 25 per cent of our fan base is from [Canada] and 10 to 15 per cent of our season-ticket holders are from the Niagara Peninsula and Hamilton. Every NHL franchise has a market area, and I don’t think one of them would do well if they had to sacrifice 30 per cent of their geographic area to another team."’

Heroes & Villains: Matthew Barnaby

‘"I’ve had many items thrown at me, including every curse in the book and even a few death threats," Barnaby said. "But if the fans were yelling and screaming at me, that’s how I knew I was doing my job."’

Aud’s slow demise allows time to reflect on better days

‘Tim Horton, the story went, always had a cold beer underneath his seat during intermissions, just as Perreault stood by his in-game cigarettes.’

Myers stays humble in face of overwhelming success

‘Myers said he will only enjoy a week off before getting back into the gym to prepare for the Sabres training camp. He wants to pack on another 10 pounds to his 212-pound frame over the summer.’

Coyotes&#8217 Planned Move Is Seen as Threat to Sabres

‘A Hamilton team would fall within both Buffalo’s and Toronto’s protected N.H.L. markets. In previous instances, the N.H.L. required a new team to pay an indemnity to the established teams within a given market. The Islanders paid $4 million to the Rangers when they were founded in 1972, and the Devils paid an estimated $12.5 million to the Rangers, the Flyers and the Islanders when they moved to New Jersey in 1982.’

NY Senators oppose Coyotes’ relocation bid

‘U.S. Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York are opposed to the Phoenix Coyotes relocating to southern Ontario because it would have a potential "crippling" effect on the Buffalo Sabres.’

Off-season game plan: Sabres

‘Most notably, an offensive defenceman would help get the offence in gear and then, in more general terms, the Sabres would benefit from adding size and toughness up front. They already have the speed and skill, but an added dose of grit would make them tougher to play against.’

Push for NHL in Hamilton impacts Sabres

‘"If somebody said would you approve a team in Hamilton, I’d say, OK, what’s the deal?" Quinn told us. "What are the television rights? Is there a territorial fee? What division are they in? Who do they play? What arena are they in? There’s a whole myriad of questions, and nobody can answer those."’

What Balsillie Means by eSouthern Ontario&#8217

‘If Balsillie were to build a new rink in, say, Waterloo, or in the nearby cities of Kitchener, Guelph or Cambridge — all just north of Hamilton and therefore beyond the territorial reach of the Sabres — he would have only the Leafs to bargain with. The Leafs, the N.H.L.’s richest team, could well afford to have another team in the GTA, as long as the extremely wealthy Balsillie paid them an extremely high indemnity.’

Golisano cites high taxes as reason for move to Florida

‘Golisano, 67, owns a home in Naples, Fla., where he already spends three or four months a year, and said he had considered changing his residency for some time. But after the new state budget increased income taxes on the wealthy, “It was a very quick decision.”‘

94% of season ticket holders renew for ’09-10

‘“Our season ticket holders are the lifeblood of this organization,” said Chief Operating Officer, Dan DiPofi. “Since the first day Tom Golisano purchased the team in 2003, we wanted to be sure our season ticket holders received the best price on their tickets. In return, our fans have been fiercely loyal to us and we take great pride in the partnership we have nurtured with them over the last several years.”’

Sabres sign 6-8 Myers

‘Myers isn’t eligible to play in the minors next season. If the Sabres keep him, he can play 10 games before they must decide if he needs to go back to the WHL.’

Sabres 2008-09 Rookie Review

‘When Butler was called up in mid-December, it was unclear what his role with the team would be. He was called in due to injury, and it was also presumed that he was behind Weber on the depth chart. However, due to his performance in the NHL and Weber’s injury concerns this year, the Sabres were not able to keep Butler off the ice. He did have a rough patch during a Western swing in late January, but rebounded well, particularly when paired with team captain Craig Rivet. Based on his reliable, effective style of play, it would not be a surprise to see Butler on Buffalo’s top pairing next season.’

Team signs first-rounder Myers to deal

‘Tallinder and Lydman, meanwhile, have not regained their form from two seasons ago and Paestch was bypassed by Butler for an opening. Mike Weber is also expected to vie for a spot on the team’s roster, but a strong showing by Myers could deem Lydman or Tallinder expendable. Both are entering the final year of their $3 million-plus contracts. All this opens a window for Myers, who will either spend time with the Sabres or back in Kelowna next year.’