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Miller wants ‘swagger’ back

‘"If we’re going to be successful with the world-class talent we have on this team, it’s going to have to come from attitude and willingness to compete. Those are things that you can instill in a player. A lot of times you can’t find the talent that we have. I’m going to stick to it: We have a ton of talent available in this organization. What we need to do is find an identity, find that swagger that we had. That’s the only thing I want to compare with a few years ago. I don’t want to be that team, but I want the swagger. I want the confidence."’

Afinogenov doesn’t expect to be back in Buffalo

‘"It’s probably better for me to move on and find myself somewhere else," Afinogenov said. "The last two years have been going nowhere for me and for the team also. I think something new should be next year."’

Meaningless win ends Sabres&#8217 season

‘So expect some moves, whether it’s at the top or on the ice, where some veteran players – forward Jochen Hecht, defenseman Henrik Tallinder – have clearly worn out their welcome.’

eLucky Lindy&#8217 stays on the job in Buffalo

‘Ruff got the Sabres to one Stanley Cup final. He has been in the playoffs six of his 11 seasons but has missed five of the last seven. In a league that changes coaches like you change socks, there have been seven since the current season began. How does Ruff become so bulletproof?’

Ruff to coach Team Canada at worlds

‘Sources told The Buffalo News two weeks ago that Ruff was a front-runner if the Buffalo Sabres failed to make the playoffs, and the official announcement came Sunday.’

Long offseason awaits Sabres

‘The Sabres may have finished with 41 wins, their most ever in a non-playoff season. But they will forever be reminded that they needed two more to qualify for the playoffs. Their schedule will be especially viewed with remorse because of five to 10 inexplicable losses against weaker teams and others marked by a distinct lack of effort.’

Heads need to roll to get Sabres back on track!

‘No, Darcy is the poster child of this team. He is conservative, patient to a fault, kind of like his look-alike in Niles Crane on that old TV show Fraser. He is not one to make moves when needed, but to examine, re-examine, delay and finally make a token move at the trading deadline. He can play hardball during contract negotiations, however, and that has cost him the services of three of the few good players the team had: Drury, Briere and Campbell. Regier never addressed those huge holes created by the departure of the Big 3, and now the team is suffering.’

Sabres left to evaluate what went wrong again

‘“I wouldn’t single them out,” Quinn said, referring to Ruff and Regier, who completed their 11th season together in Buffalo. “I’ll accept as much responsibility as anybody else. This isn’t what we’re in for. We’re not in it to finish ninth or 10th–or seventh or eighth for that matter. We’re in it to win it all. So it’s a whole group that has to take responsibility.”’

Lindy Ruff named coach of Canadian team for world championship

‘He recently completed his 11th season with the Buffalo Sabres and will have another longtime NHL coach as his assistant – Nashville’s Barry Trotz.’

Quinn vows etop-to-bottom&#8217 review

‘“I think everybody takes responsibility, including myself,” Quinn said. “I don’t want to put it on Darcy and Lindy. It’s just not the way it is. We look at our whole team, our whole organization, and we’ll come out with a result when we’re done with that process. This isn’t over. This isn’t the end of the story. This is a team that’s going to get somewhere. We just have to find a way to do it.”’

Numminen savors his 1,372nd game

‘Numminen said he is leaning in a certain direction regarding retirement, but he refused to give a verbal hint. “You’ve got to take a step outside and make those decisions and announcements about your future later,” he said.’

Sabres’ season concludes with hollow victory

‘"Our fans, they need to have that win before a long, long break," Spacek said.’

Offseason needs more thunder than season had

‘Take away their 6-0-2 start and their 7-2-1 finish, and the Sabres were 28-30-6 in the other 64 games. That’s not a playoff team. That’s the Los Angeles Kings.’

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Bruins loss gives San Jose NHL&#8217s best mark

‘Sabres general manager Darcy Regier was the target of fans’ frustration in the third period, when chants of “Fire Regier” rained down.’