Sunday’s Montreal Coverage


Comeback kids win 2nd straight (Montreal Gazette)

Canadiens Keep It as Exciting as It Gets (Montreal Gazette)

Photo gallery (Montreal Gazette)

Kovy being Kovy (

Fly on the Wall – Dec. 20, 2008 (

The Numbers Game – Dec. 20, 2008 (

Marc Denis assigned to Hamilton (

Photo gallery (

Photo gallery (

The following are rough English translations from French language sources:

Kovalev returned to the glory! (Le Journal de Montreal)

Bégin is made of tiger … (Le Journal de Montreal)

“Guys are less tense” (Le Journal de Montreal)

The alarm Sergei (Le Journal de Montreal)

Kovalev is back (La Presse)

Carbo: “There should be a goal to Kovalev …” (La Presse)

Ruff was proud of his players, less referees (La Presse)

Photo gallery (La Presse)

Kovalev rises (Radio Canada)

Will buy Kovalev (