Tuesday’s Toronto Coverage

Via: SabreSpace.com

Not bad, for starters (Toronto Sun)

Moore-Hollweg pairing impresses (Toronto Sun)

In the Nik of time (Toronto Sun)

JFJ back in his element (Toronto Sun)

Leafs off to a strong start (Toronto Star)

Leafs can’t even give ‘em away (Toronto Star)

Leafs shoot out the lights (Toronto Globe and Mail)

Price is right for fans (National Post)

A Fresh Start (National Post)

Not A Bad Start For Leafs (MapleLeafs.com)

Among the Madness at the Tailgate (MapleLeafs.com)

Photo gallery 1 (MapleLeafs.com)

Photo gallery 2 (MapleLeafs.com)

Photo gallery (Sabres.com)