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Sabres Announce Pre-Season Schedule

‘The team will pack 7 games into a 14-day stretch beginning on Monday, September 22nd.’

Sabres 2008-09 Preseason Schedule

‘Buffalo will begin their pre-season slate on Monday, September 22 in Toronto, before heading to Roberval, Quebec to face the Montreal Canadiens in the 2008 Kraft Hockeyville game. Roberval was the winner of a contest that was held to find Canada’s most passionate hockey community. After 1.8 million votes across Canada were collected to assemble the five finalist communities, Roberval was selected by capturing the majority of the over 5.5 million phone and online votes during the final week of voting in March, 2008.’

Teppo is in the Sabres&#8217 picture

‘“Teppo wants to play and he plays a style of game none of us see any reason that he can’t play,” Regier said following the Sabres’ HSBC Arena news conference to officially announce goaltender Ryan Miller’s five-year contract extension. “As long as he’s healthy and all indications are that he is, we’d like to have him.”‘

Statistics don&#8217t measure Miller&#8217s worth

‘The Sabres’ franchise goaltender possesses many of the key attributes an organization desires when it makes a hefty long-term financial commitment. He’s driven, passionate, accountable and, most tellingly, willing to risk his reputation that he can help turn the franchise around. Imagine that. A player with market clout electing to remain a Sabre. Now there’s a pleasant turn of events. Too bad goaltenders can’t wear the “C.”’

Miller expresses commitment to team

‘“It’s awful nice to have ownership in place that cares about the team and cares about you as a person and I definitely feel that way,” Miller said. “We have a real great future here and that’s why I want to stay. I have a group of guys that I’m committed to. Personally, they’re great friends and great hockey players.”’

Miller Signing HUGE for Sabres Image

‘Make no mistake, Quinn and Regier and certainly Golisano could spend millions and never create the positive buzz they’ve created by convincing Miller to literally bank on Buffalo’s future. Soon, they’ll arrive at a number Jason Pominville likes, and the deadly momentum of the 2006-2007 off season will be headed back in the right direction.’

Miller optimistic about his future with Sabres

‘”My goals in hockey are to win championships for a team that I feel I’m a big part of, and be with an organization that backs me up and respects me,” Miller said during a press conference Tuesday. “I have all that here.”‘

Miller, Sabres go public

‘"Not a lot of people have had the chance to have a career like I have where I got to be around a great group of guys for a consistent amount of years," he said. "I think that’s the essential part of a winning hockey team, that you have guys who know about each other and care about each other, and this is definitely what Buffalo represents."’

Sabres changing approach to free agency

‘It would be easy to suggest the Sabres ownership and management were finally pressured into spending to retain their best players following the howls of outrage from Buffalo fans and pundits which accompanied last summer’s loss of Briere and Drury, but there appears to be more behind their decisions than a reputation for cheapness.’

Miller sweating the details to improve in 2008-09

‘”I started with a new trainer here and I’ve been focusing a little more on nutrition,” Miller said. “I think it will help me with my energy level. I’m also identifying some things with (Sabres goaltending coach) Jim Corsi and my good friend Terri Barbeau, who has been my goalie coach since I was 16 years old.”‘

Sabres lock up Miller long term

‘”I just like the fact they showed faith in me. They want to build a team with core guys. Signing Paul Gaustad was a good move I liked a lot. I liked the fact they wanted me in that core.”‘

A sign of the times for Sabres

‘The money wasn’t important Friday so much as the positive message that reverberated throughout the organization and across the league. Sabres owner Tom Golisano and managing partner Larry Quinn have taken their share of criticism — who, me? — over the past 13 months. This time, they bucked up, did it right and restored a few ounces of credibility after losing a ton last summer. Now, the Sabres are back in the game.’

Miller signing finally gives Sabres fans something to smile about

‘Regier acknowledged that Miller represents another building block in locking in the team’s core of young talent that includes Thomas Vanek, Paul Gaustad and Derek Roy. "These building blocks come in all shapes and sizes," Regier said. Miller, it’s safe to say, counts as a big one.’

Pirates expect coach to be chosen soon

‘”(Cunneyworth) still actually has at least one remaining opportunity as an assistant in the NHL, and that should move quickly, within the next week,” Regier said. “Depending on if he goes to the NHL or chooses to stay in Rochester, that will be within a week, 10 days at the most. In the event he’s moving on, we’ll move forward to find a new coach.”‘ (Submitted by: wildcat48)

Sabres goaltender Miller gets extension

‘Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Miller, who was entering the final year of his contract, is now signed through 2013-14.’