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Friday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks can take a small step (Rochester D&C)

Amerks battle Lake Erie in ‘Monster’ two-game series (

Stewart rejoins Rochester (

No win situations

'Now, when you watch a team walk off the ice after the other has won in OT or a shootout, the players usually have their heads down, their coach is dismayed and their goalie is kicking at snow piles en route to the bench. In other words, if the other team scores more goals than you do and walks off with two points, well, if it looks like a loss, smells like a loss, and the players in the locker room will talk like it was a loss. But to the NHL and Sabres management, that's a non-win.To everyone else, you got beat. Why else do you think everyone calls it the "loser" point?'

Ailing duo itches to return

‘“You want to be there, you know?” Afinogenov said. “You want to help the guys. I know the guys are fighting, and some games we lose when we should have won. It’s kind of a tough situation. But everybody believes we can turn it around.”’

Wrong guy owns up to Sabres&#8217 mess

‘Ruff can’t admit it, but the heart has been sucked out of his team. In one season, they’ve gone from a team that won 10 games in a row to a team that went winless in 10 straight. It’s sad to say, but the Sabres have gone from Presidents’ Trophy winner to league laughingstock.’

Dallas has shooting stars in net

‘“These two guys are excellent at playing the puck,” Ruff said Wednesday after practice in the suburb of Farmers Branch. “Not only playing it but shooting it. You’ve got to guard against the long plays on changes and the quick ups on power plays. They add a whole new dimension.”’

Tom Golisano, Where Are You?

'We’ve interviewed some of your players and have asked them if the Drury/Briere fiasco and the Campbell negotiations are having an effect on the psyche of this team. To their credit, nobody is biting, and to a man they all say the politically correct things. But just spending media time with the team at morning skates, practices and after the games, it’s easy to see that things aren’t like they were in that clubhouse. There is a lethargy, a lack of enthusiasm, a going through the motions that was not evident in previous seasons.'

Thursday’s Dallas Coverage

Dallas Stars vs. Buffalo Sabres preview (Dallas Morning News)

Tale of the tape (Dallas Morning News)

Buffalo (20-21-6) at Dallas (28-19-5) (AP)

Sabres aim to end road futility vs. Stars (Sportsticker)

Buffalo Sabres (20-21-6) at Dallas Stars (28-19-5) (The Sports Network)

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Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks sink to new depths with loss (Rochester D&C)

Amerks’ recent woes leave area fans out in the cold (Rochester D&C)

At least the games are close (Rochester D&C)

Penalty shot aids Flames (Moline Dispatch)

Amerks torched by Flames, lose sixth straight (

Amerks to visit the Original Charbroil House Thursday night (

Quinn confident Sabres will rebound from monthlong skid

'"It's been a tough stretch, and there's no hiding that," Quinn said. "But like I said to everybody, 'We got here together and we're going to get out of it together.' And that's all we can really do."'

Connolly And Afinogenov Miss Practice

'Coach Lindy Ruff still isn't using injuries as an excuse: "You still have to find ways to win games. The work we've put in, to end up losing games is disappointing. We've definitely put the work in to win them. We haven't won them. Will Tim (Connolly) and Max (Afinogenov) help us? Definitely."'

Frustrated Ruff points finger at self

'“The record is what it is. We can’t avoid that,” Ruff said. “The record in this stretch could easily be .500. But it’s not. It’s not.”'

Wednesday’s Rochester Coverage

Ailing Amerks back on home ice (Rochester D&C)

Rochester hosts Quad Cities Wednesday night at BCA (

What Is Ross McKeon Thinking?

‘So aside from Vanek, McKeon points the finger at the wrong players. What about Maxim Afinogenov, who has been on a steady decline since last season’s playoff run? What about Toni Lydman? Lydman has been very inconsistent this season. And then there’s Dmitri Kalinin, who had a great regular season last year with 29 points (7G+22A) but has only four assists this season, three of which came in Friday’s game against Atlanta.’

Revisiting calls for Darcy Regier’s ouster

‘Let me first say that Darcy Regier doesn’t carry all the blame for this. In reading the aforementioned Gleason’s column today, it was mentioned again how Quinn was approached with a deal from Chris Drury last year that the Sabres didn’t accept. That is proof that Quinn shares in the blame, at least with the Drury negotiations, as Regier does – possibly more.’

Kevin Sylvester breaks down his first game

'"The toughest part was the plays in front of the net. It was very difficult to try and determine who had the puck or whether the shot was tipped. That's where Rick's experience and knowing those plays pays off. It amazes me how well he can determine whether or not the puck was tipped."'