Tuesday’s Montreal Coverage

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Sharp Huet blunts Sabres’ attack (Montreal Gazette)

Huet redeems himself against Sabres (Montreal Gazette)

Quick liftoffs a rarity for CH snipers (Montreal Gazette)

No easy pickings this NHL season, Sabres coach Ruff says (Montreal Gazette)

Language and the Habs (Montreal Gazette)

Huet bounces back (Toronto Globe and Mail)

True to his word (Canadiens.com)

Photo gallery (Canadiens.com)

Photo gallery (Sabres.com)

The following are rough English translations from French language sites:

Huet responded with a shutout! (Le Journal de Montreal)

“I wanted to send a message to my teammates’: Cristobal Huet (Le Journal de Montreal)

The recipe is still good (Le Journal de Montreal)

Defeat “positive” for Sabers (Le Journal de Montreal)

“A hockey season is not a sprint” (Le Journal de Montreal)

“I do not wish it to anyone” (Le Journal de Montreal)

Huet, Huet, Huet … (La Presse)

“It was his victory, simply” (La Presse)

“Their goalkeeper has made the big stops” (La Presse)

Pominville: “It works very badly” (La Presse)

Carey Price? Really? (La Presse)

Photo gallery (La Presse)

Huet stands in front of the Sabers (CP)

Huet has launched a message to Carbonneau (CP)

Huet did not stumble (RDS.ca)