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Power Outage

'The final stat sheet doesn't lie: 1-for-9. In fact for the series, Buffalo is 3-of-21. For a team that's made it's mark with skilled postiion players, the numbers are troubling.'

Grading the Sabres: Game 3

'It's hard to tell where the series will go from here — if I had to guess, I'd say Sabres in 6 — but we have seen in the last two outings that the Rangers can not only hang with the Sabres but can outplay them for long stretches.'

Rangers hope offense catches up with defense

‘Just as the Rangers are trying to beat Miller, the Sabres are struggling against Lundqvist. “He covers everything really, really well,” forward Daniel Briere said. “He’s very quick and his reflexes are with the best in the league. But I think for us, we have to raise the puck.”‘

Sabres look ahead after delfating loss

‘”Any time you lose in the playoffs it’s a tough feeling,” he said. “But I think it’s a little bit worse when you go through a game like that when you battle hard.”‘

Buffalo’s trailblazer

‘I know it’s all speculation right now. But wouldn’t it be in Regier’s best interest, both professionally and financially, to see what his value is on the open market? Regier is not a foolish man. He knows there are few things more valuable in the NHL today than a quality general manager.’

Note to NHL: Ditch the kick rule, keep OT

'From our vantage point, we thought officials made the right call. Rachunek appeared to direct the puck past Buffalo netminder Ryan Miller with his skate. Many others disagreed. Which brings us to the greater issue, one we hope the competition committee and NHL general managers will consider this summer: why is this an issue at all?'

Sabres-Rangers game good for game of hockey

‘While the Buffalo Sabres and their fans would surely disagree, Sunday was a pretty good day for hockey in the good old US of A.’

Double trouble

'The game was a classic goaltending duel between Ryan Miller and Henrik Lundqvist. Miller had 44 saves for the Sabres, while Lundqvist had 38 saves for the winning side. But the Sabres shot themselves in the foot throughout the game.'

Postgame power play


ECSF # 3: Rangers 2, Sabres 1 (2OT)

'Desperate and anxious to avoid an 0-3 chasm from which they weren't likely to escape, the Rangers ended the double-overtime marathon in the ninety-seventh minute to narrow the Sabres' lead to 2-1 in the series and give their fans renewed hope, heading into Game Four on Tuesday.'

Overtime Produces a Bad Apple

'"It was pretty hard fought both ways; we certainly had our chances," said co-captain Chris Drury. "They obviously got one that went in and it's tough to take right now."'

No one’s getting Buffalo-ed

‘It was a game the Rangers had to win and they got almost none of the calls. The Sabres received seven power-play opportunities in regulation time. The Rangers got two. The Sabres got what seemed like the break of the playoffs when the Rangers had a goal disallowed by the mysterious and unaccountable people behind the video replay curtain in Toronto. A ruling that much of the living, breathing hockey world can’t begin to explain via the video replays made available to the viewing public. A near complete reversal of a play that produced a goal for the Sabres two nights earlier in Buffalo.’

Double trouble

'“You have to expect that in their building, back up against the wall, a must-win for them,” Miller said. “They ended up getting the right side of the post. Both teams hit some posts in overtime."'

Jagr makes statement by going front and center

'People were kidding themselves if they thought Jagr would become the second coming of chronic underachiever Alexei Yashin, one of the alltime no-shows in NHL history. Jagr is the most dominant player in the league when inspired, and he hasn’t looked this motivated in years.'

Sabres dimmed by power shortage

'This was a game the Sabres could have put away early. At the least, it was a game they could have seized control of in the second period. Their inability to cash on the power play allowed the Rangers to continue feeding off the raucous Madison Square Garden crowd and ultimately restored their hopes of getting back to even when the series resumes here Tuesday.'