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Big TV deals a pipe dream for NHL

'You can change the names and the assessment would be pretty much the same today, and there is no reason to believe it will change in our lifetime. Living so close to Canada, Western New Yorkers tend to have an inflated view of how important hockey is to the rest of the nation.'

Darcy Regier Comments About The Salary Cap Framework

'Regier says, "The only thing I can tell you, the league has told us…that the Globe and Mail report was not correct. I would be surprised if it, if everything wasn't league wide." There is a huge difference between a league wide revenue based cap, and a team-by-team based cap. A team-by-team cap wouldn't benefit the Sabres all that much, and wouldn't even the playing field, because the cap would be a percentage of the team revenue.'

Swedish NHL players cleared by prosecutor

'Three Swedish NHL players accused of rape were cleared Friday by a prosecutor who said there was no evidence they forced the woman to have sex. The 22-year-old woman had said she was raped Feb. 9 in a hotel room by Kristian Huselius of the Florida Panthers, Andreas Lilja of the Nashville Predators and Henrik Tallinder of the Buffalo Sabres. The woman also said she may have been drugged by the players, but tests proved she wasn't.'

Does Anybody Care the NHL is Close to a Deal?

'In fact, the players no doubt hope that’s how it all turns out, but I can’t imagine Sabres owner Tom Golisano would be very excited about that kind of plan.'

Report: NHL, NHLPA agree on cap formula

'The salary-cap issue was seen as the biggest hurdle in talks for a new collective bargaining agreement.'

NHL sides agree on salary cap

‘According to the formula, a dollar-for-dollar luxury tax will kick in at the midway point between the floor and the cap. If the floor of the lowest team proves to be $22-million and the cap on the highest team is $36-million next season, then the tax will come into effect at $29-million. This will allow the wealthier teams to spend a little more money, but will prevent the large gaps in spending in the previous agreement that saw teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins with payrolls as low as $18-million, while the New York Rangers were spending $80-million.’

Sabres tune out impact of lost TV pact

‘”Sixty-million bucks was $2 million a team. If we’re worried about $2 million a team, we’re looking at it completely the wrong way. I think we should be looking at a national TV contract of $400 million, not $60 million. I think we can get there. I really do.”‘

Say hello to shootouts, goodbye to red line

'"The argument [against it] would be how does that play in the rest of world?" Regier said. "So we look around and see Canadian amateur hockey has taken that red line out, the U.S. never had it in college and amateur and Europe doesn't have it. I think it's a reasonable consideration."'

Sabres' unique balloon nets in use during NHL research camp scrimmage

'"These bigger nets create a bigger danger area. The probability of an outside shot going in becomes greater. Now the five guys who have to defend the net have to respect the outside shot and have to move out. The extent to which they move out creates openings on the inside."'

New Rules Tested. Afinogenov Threatens To Bolt

'Darcy Regier says there's a possibility that NHL teams will start losing some Russian players. Maxim Afinogenov has stated he's serious about staying home to play hockey. Regier says the Russian leagues are offering serious money and have tax advantages over North America. Although Regier seems worried about losing Afinogenov, he said neither the winger nor Dmitri Kalinin have signed any commitments for next season in their homeland that would stop them from playing with the Sabres if the lockout is settled.'

More Classic Games Added

'Due to the extreme popularity of the retro Sabres games that have been broadcast on Channel 13 for the past seven weeks, Adelphia – in conjunction with the Buffalo Sabres – has decided to add five more contests to its line-up of classic games, including the Sabres eruption for nine goals against Boston during the 1992 playoffs and the Mother's Day Miracle.'

NHL tries rule changes on for size

'"We have to make sure the proper ingredients are in place to make people love when they play and love what they watch," Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier said. "And in both cases they have to love playing it and watching it more than the other options. Otherwise, it's not going to grow. The role for us is to facilitate those types of things and make sure they take place."'

Ex-Sabre joins campaign to aid March of Dimes

'Former Buffalo Sabres player Craig Muni will head the 2005 March of Dimes Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday at Transit Valley Country Club. Muni will join current and former Sabres and other sports celebrities and sportscasters to support the campaign against premature birth.'

Prospect Highlight: Denis Ezhov

'What is his current status?

JB: Ezhov played in Russia the entire season and we’ll probably just leave him over there to develop. At some point, we’ll bring him over.'

Sabres Legends: Charlie Huddy

'In 1996-97 the Sabres brought Charlie back to the organization. He had a serious interest in coaching after he retired, and the Sabres offered him a contract that would allow him to be a playing assistant coach with their farm team in Rochester. Charlie jumped at the opportunity and even had a chance to play one last NHL game before retiring. Since then Charlie has been an active coach, serving as an NHL assistant for both the New York Rangers and Edmonton Oilers.'