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LaFontaine rides to honor patient

'LaFontaine, who will fly in from New York City especially for the ride, befriended many young cancer patients during his years with the Sabres. His participation in the Roswell ride does not surprise the Schwegler family. "Pat is a unique individual, and it has nothing to do with his athletic ability," said Schwegler. "Some human beings give of themselves and ask for nothing in return. For him, it was a no-brainer. Anything he does, he does for children. That is his mission. That's his new life, his new career."'

John Rigas sentenced to 15 years in jail

'"As I look back on it, we didn't do anything criminally wrong," said Rigas.'

Supporters of Rigases upset by sentences

'"As to the harm caused to Western New York, the number of years he received – whether one year, five years or 15 years – doesn't really matter. We're not going to be helped by whatever the decision of the judge," said Richard M. Tobe, a former top Erie County official who was involved in early negotiations with the Rigas family for the project. "It's just a tragedy – a tragedy for the family, company and employees," Tobe added. "And it's a tragedy for Buffalo."'

Former Sabres Owner Gets 15 Years In Prison

'John Rigas told the court that mistakes were made in the way he ran the company, but he intended no wrong.'

John Rigas sentenced to 15 years in prison

'A third son, Michael, had a mistrial declared in his case and a new federal case against is slated to begin on Oct. 24.'

Adelphia Founder John Rigas Gets 15 Years; Son, 20

'After John Rigas, who has cancer and a heart condition, serves two years of his sentence, the Bureau of Prisons can ask for a reduction if it concludes he has less than three months to live, U.S. District Judge Leonard Sand said. The judge, who presided over the trial in New York, ordered both Rigases to surrender to prison officials on Sept. 19.'

Adelphia founder sentenced to 15 years

'The federal judge sentencing Rigas admonished him for his lack of remorse and said he would have imposed a greater prison term if not for Rigas' old age and ill health.'

Adelphia Head, Son Sentenced in Fraud Case

'Rigas' son Timothy, 49, who like his father was convicted last year of bank fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Sand could have sentenced both men to life.'

Saturday’s Rochester Coverage

Celebrity Bartending Night At Nathaniel’s Pub (

Prospect Highlight: Clarke MacArthur

'Do you see MacArthur playing at the AHL level prior to the NHL?

JB: I see him playing two years in the AHL, just getting accustomed to the pro game. After two years, he should be ready for the National Hockey League.'

Buffalo beefed up Amerks

'"We saw virtually all of their home games and we discuss the team all the way down and back," Regier said. "Lindy has been on the ice with the team, helping Rochester head coach Randy Cunneyworth and his assistants Doug Houda and Jim Corsi, the goaltending coach. We sent our video crew and our strength and conditioning coaches there as well. Rochester has been using a lot of our resources and it's been a great learning experience for all of us."'

Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks announce season ticket pricing for 05-06 (

Sabre Legends: Tom Barrasso

'Because of his spectacular start in Buffalo and his Stanley Cup brilliance in Pittsburgh, it is likely this hockey legend will end up in Hockey's Hall of Fame.'

Some rumored changes – the day after the CBA is signed

'I believe an NHL under a salary cap will benefit fans. In the short term there will be a number of exciting changes, the most likely of which seems to be an entry draft lottery. The NHL will try to crack down on obstruction but as always this effort will be short lived and halfway through the season the crack down will be over. I believe the only lasting changes will be a salary cap linked to league revenues, smaller goalie equipment, and a lowered eligibilty age for unrestricted free agents.'

NHL must look ahead, not back

‘ It would be a good idea if the NHL came to grips with the fact that it is still a niche sport, so why not go back to rabid hockey cities such as Winnipeg and Quebec City? For that matter why not consider a European Division of the NHL?’