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Amerks Are Coming Back To Buffalo

'Cleveland comes to town Sunday March 20th for a 5:00 game. The baby Leafs of St.John's will be here Sunday April 3rd for another 5:00 game.'

NHL must put fans first upon return

'Does anyone else notice the mixed message sent when Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs laments the rampant growth in player salaries while his company, Buffalo-based Sportservice, charges $4.50 for a bag of HSBC Arena popcorn with a base cost of what, a quarter? Not that Sportservice is alone. Arena prices are exorbitant nationwide no matter who's the concessionaire. Apparently it's OK for the owners to rip off the fans, but not for the players to rip off the owners.'

Monday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks’ streak hits sweet 16 (Buffalo News)

Sweet 16! (Rochester D&C)

Record nice, but Amerks are looking ahead (Rochester D&C)

Amerks score early, often (Syracuse Post Standard)

Amerks Set Franchise Record (

Rochester 5, Syracuse 2 (AP)

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Amerks dinner to benefit Cystic Fibrosis on Monday (

Sunday’s Rochester Coverage

Streaking Amerks seek record (Buffalo News)

Amerks have few stars but still shine (Rochester D&C)

Saturday’s Rochester Coverage

Amerks take the bite out of the ‘Dogs (Rochester D&C)

Rested Amerks happy to be back (Rochester D&C)

Amerks continue to stymie Dogs (Hamilton Spectator)

Amerks Hold Off Bulldogs (

Rochester 4, Hamilton 2 (AP)

Amerks down Bulldogs 4-2 (

Bulldogs 2 Rochester 4 (

Drury: Players have compromised enough

'"I don't see us conceding any more", Drury said. "We came off a longstanding belief of not having a cap and on top of that with the 24 percent rollback, I think we've gone far enough. I think it's on them to make a deal, to get fair and if they want hockey, they are going to have to be realistic with us and not try and bully us into their ways."'

Friday’s Rochester Coverage

Botterill calling it a career (Rochester D&C)

Botterill Decides to Retire (

Botterill career ended by fourth concussion (CP)

Calder Cup 2005 tour makes a stop in Rochester (

Jason Botterill announces his retirement (

NHL = NCL…No Clue League

'I recognize that the players are trying to stay true to their principles, but every day this drags out is worse for them.'

Thursday’s Rochester Coverage

Botterill out rest of season for Amerks (Rochester D&C)

NHL was right in putting the season on ice

'Chalk me up as one of those fans who is glad the owners are standing their ground. Professional athletes in this country have taken advantage of the common man long enough.'

Sabre Legends: Rob Ray

'Some of those wild tilts where remembered for his ending up half naked on the ice. That was cleverly by design. He would deliberately wear his jersey and equipment in a fashion where he could easily discard the gear so that his opponent had nothing to grab on to. The NHL quickly installed the "Rob Ray Rule" – any player who does not have his jersey tied down and is involved in an altercation is banned for the rest of the game.'

All Sports guests weigh in on heavy subject: The NHL

'"Some of the things that make it exciting they're trying to take out – the big hitting and maybe the fighting side," Ray said. "People go to a rink and they get excited about a big hit and a fight. They don't get excited about defensive hockey and power plays and all that kind of crap. It is what it is – they come to see a physical game."'

Tuesday’s Rochester Coverage

Skating with the Best (

Amerks shoot for a record this week (

Booster club and players to visit firehouse Tuesday (

Both Sides In NHL Fiasco Try To Regroup

'There won't be an amateur draft without an agreement so the NHL would like to have something in place by June.'

NHL didn't look at big picture

'Gary Bettman has spent his tenure as commissioner gloating that NHL games are played before near-capacity crowds, using attendance as an affirmation of the game's solid footing and widespread popularity. What he failed to notice, or chose to ignore, was the contrary signal being sent by the television audience. Viewers were souring on the sport…'.