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Amerks will play in front of record crowd tonight

'The Amerks have sold more than 14,100 tickets for tonight's 7:05 game against the Edmonton Road Runners at Buffalo's HSBC Arena, eclipsing the franchise record of 12,126 set when the Amerks defeated Cincinnati 3-1 in Buffalo on Nov. 5.'

Real men do yoga, 6-foot-2, 200-pound NHL player says

'So, one evening when Deborah Patrick attended her once-a-week yoga class in suburban Buffalo, her husband, the Sabres' most experienced defenceman, went too. He thought it would be easy — a little stretching, a bunch of poses. He finished 90 minutes later covered in sweat. "I felt like I got an adjustment on my whole body," Mr. Patrick said. "It was a physical workout. I kick myself for not doing this sooner."'

Hockey returns to HSBC Arena

'The minor-league Rochester Americans will play their second home game of the 2004-05 season in Buffalo, hosting the Edmonton Road Runners at 7:05 p.m.'

Amerks Return to Buffalo Tomorrow

'The Rochester Americans will bring hockey back to Buffalo for the holidays in late December when they host the Edmonton Road Runners in the second American Hockey League game of the season at HSBC Arena on Tuesday, December 28th at 7:05 p.m. If the contest is anything like the first Amerks game in Buffalo, the crowd is in for another historic night.'

Adephia rejects bid for Empire Sports unit

'In addition to the $17 million offer for Empire's assets, NXT also would pay the Buffalo Sabres $8.5 million for broadcast rights to the team's NHL games. Pollack also proposed to enter into a five-year agreement with Adelphia to carry Empire's programming.'

Future of Sabres takes center stage

'Buffalo Sabres fans have no choice but to think about the future. Some bright-eyed, fresh-faced kids can help in the coming days. Fans can glimpse the next generation of Sabres when the World Junior Championships begin Christmas night and the Rochester Americans make another HSBC Arena visit Tuesday. The Sabres will be represented by six prospects in the prestigious junior tournament, which will be televised by ESPN2 from Grand Forks, N.D., and Thief River Falls, Minn.'

Sabres highlights are history

'Let's take a stroll down memory lane, reliving This Day in Sabres History, which could be as close to real hockey as we're going to get…'.

NHL's tensions deepen

'"We've been, as a group of players, made to understand that it's possible we might not be playing for a year, a year and a half, two years," Buffalo Sabres center Adam Mair said. "Guys are prepared for a long process – two years, five years, whatever it is. The overall sentiment right now is we're not going to agree to the salary cap."'

Home Boy

'Drew Stafford has had quite a year. In June, the 6-foot-2-inch, 204-pound forward was picked by the Buffalo Sabres in the first round of the NHL draft.'

Checking In On NHL Lockout

'I guess what I’m trying to say is that the players should comeback now. I can’t believe a group of men, no matter how many times they’ve been hit in the head can blindly follow a man like their union chief Bob Goodenow whose only job seems to be costing them millions of dollars.'

Vanek finally finds his scoring groove

'"His skill level is beyond most guys in this league," said 13th-year veteran center Chris Taylor, Vanek's linemate the past six weeks. "Some guys, it takes two years. Some guys never adjust. It took him three weeks."'

Locked-out hockey fans keying in on the AHL

'Attendance in Rochester is up more than 11 percent. Nine of the 28 teams reported increases of more than 10 percent since last season. Games played in NHL arenas have helped. The Amerks drew 12,126 last month for a game in HSBC Arena, including some 2,700 walk-up customers.'

Hockey talks go nowhere fast

'"Not anymore," McKee said Tuesday night. "I consider the season gone now. That's for sure."'

Sabre Legends: Larry Playfair

'Larry will not be remembered for any offensive flare but rather for his punishing hits and heavy blows with his fists. He was a fierce competitor who earned every minute and shift in the NHL.'

Sabres set to take the hit

'"Whether you're making $10 million or $500,000, 24 percent is 24 percent," said Sabres enforcer Andrew Peters, whose salary would shrink from $400,000 to $304,000. "I don't think that's a proposal the NHL can turn a deaf ear to."'