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NHL players focus on slashing

'"If I used the words all 35 guys said at the same time, they would be bleeped out in the newspaper," McKee said. "They were blown away."'

Hoping for an NHL thaw

'Peters inked a two-year deal with the Sabres the week the lockout began after earning $350,000 as a rookie last season. He said any kind of link between player salaries and league revenues would hurt role players such as him the most.“Guys at the bottom of the totem pole, we have to know that these guys are sacrificing millions and millions and millions of dollars for guys like me,” he said. “I’m doing it for my own good and for the game.”'

Pyatt no Swedish meatball

'The move has suited the 23-year-old veteran fifth-year pro. In just eight games since his late arrival last month, Pyatt has produced six goals and four assists and is quickly moving up the fourth-place team’s scoring parade. He’s currently on a five-game goal scoring streak with the Swedish club, all of which resulted in wins for his team.'

An even dozen

'Veteran NHL defenceman Alexei Zhitnik has become the 12th NHL player to sign a contract with Russian team AK Bars Kazan.'

Lockout in N.H.L. Puts Businesses on the Brink

'"I have my business perception and I have my personal perception," said Steve Calvaneso, who owns three restaurants and a men's store in downtown Buffalo and who is contemplating a run for mayor. One of his restaurants, City Grill, is only a few blocks from the arena, and he said he was losing $1,500 to $4,000 in sales every game night, which could add up to, he said, $100,000 for the season.'

Charity event raises more than $200K

'The two-day fundraising event received a surprise boost from Sabres' owner B. Thomas Golisano, who late Friday said he would match any dollars raised through the activities to help LaFontaine's Companions in Courage Foundation reach its goal. "That was truly amazing on his part," LaFontaine said.'

A Night to Remember

'Over $200,000 was raised by the Buffalo Sabres, celebrities, former NHL greats and the Sabres Alumni Association this weekend for Children’s Hospital, Companions in Courage and the Sabres Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.'

Ice 'follies' light up arena

'"In my wildest dreams I never would have imagined the two-day event we had here would turn out as great as it did," LaFontaine said. "It was awesome."'

Charity pits Hollywood vs. hockey vets

'It was difficult to tell who was more excited: Michael J. Fox for playing alongside former Buffalo Sabres star Gilbert Perreault, or the other way around.'

Revitalized Dylan Hunter silences critics

'Evidence of the right-winger's development is obvious. A gifted playmaker, he is drawing the tightest checking of his life. But Dylan Hunter was destined to be a professional hockey player, which the Buffalo Sabres draft pick will be one day be, once the NHL gets rolling again.'

Eruzione tops Legends roster

'Pat LaFontaine, Gilbert Perreault and Rick Martin are among the luminaries on the Sabres roster.'

Soldier gets hockey surprise

'Thanks to the efforts of Sabres managing partner Larry Quinn and Patrick, Butterworth will play in Saturday's Hockey Legends/Companions in Courage charity hockey game in HSBC Arena. The 2 p.m. game will feature Pat LaFontaine, other Sabres alumni and celebrities such as Michael J. Fox and Denis Leary. Tickets, at $10 and $15, are available through the Sabres.'

G.O.P. Ponders an Ex-Rival as Pataki Heir

'Two years after the Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano spent more than $70 million to run for governor by relentlessly attacking George E. Pataki, the state's Republican chairman said he would be happy to talk to Mr. Golisano about another run for governor, but this time as a Republican.'